Thursday, August 8, 2013

Glowering Skies

We are expecting more rain today, and we ask you to pray for those in Kansas, Missouri, and points east where heavy rains this week have caused flooding and loss of homes and lives. 

We also pray for those being affected by more wildfires out west. 

Right now, our skies are leaden, and Keith has just called at 10:45 to say that it is raining in Topeka, where he is attending a meeting and took a break to call and warn me. 

I have done all the chores, and topped off all the waterers inside and out, as well as all the feed. 

Yes, we will loose some feed in the henyards... unless I go move it under the tarp, which I will probably do in a minute. 

Here is Kelly last night, stealing a few bites of feed while the other two boys were busy. 
They are still bullying him, though he follows them like a little lost lamb.  We are making sure he has chances to eat... and believe me, I was sitting in the doorway of the haybarn whose corner you see here, IN THE HUMIDTY dripping sweat, waiting for him to have a nosh. 
While we still can't handle him, he is getting tamer and more used to us. 

Kelly and Kody were both scavenging sunflower seeds on the ground around the feeders. 

I spent some time after supper digging potatoes.  I'm going to clean these today and store them. 

They are red potatoes, but don't look very red in this photo. 

Here's my little Gardening Helper. 

I spent over an hour digging out and cutting out baby trees in the bed, and getting rid of some of the mint that ran crazy this year.  Now the caryopteris bush can "see" again... and I am on my way to digging up and re-doing this bed over the next two months. 

Those are what's left of some struggling mums in the bed on Abby's left (our right) that should now be able to bloom because I got the tall mint off them. 

And now I'm off to lunch with a friend, bearing eggs, tomatoes and potatoes for her! 


  1. watch out driving with the rain coming...we saw the reports on the news this morning!
    stella rose

  2. i'll make you lunch if you bring me fresh eggs!!!

  3. Your friend is going to be very happy to get all that good stuff.

  4. Yes, we have had glowering skies here today along with some heavy rain but thankfully, no flooding to worry about that I know of. I love that cute picture of your garden helper with her tongue sticking out. I had to chuckle when I saw it but shouldn't have. She looks hot. What a cutie! Glad the kids are beginning to get along a little. Hope they adjust soon so you don't have to sit watching while the new one eats. Take care and try to keep cool too!

  5. I've been hearing about all the rain out west!! Oh my...drought one year and deluge the next. Stay safe!

  6. We have had some good rains here, but thankfully no flooding like other places. Have a nice Friday and weekend!

  7. Those goats are too cute. It is amazing how they have such personality. Nothing better than fresh red potatoes, with lots of butter.

  8. Good luck with the rains! We've been having a lots here in Maine too- but not as bad as all those folks! Prayers being sent!!
    Rain :).
    P.S. sometimes my name is unfortunate ?!

  9. Sorry I'm half outta the loop here, but catching up as I can. I lOVE the pictures and Kelly's coloring! SO beautiful. And so is your garden helper. Those taters look great!

  10. We got more rain here today, too. It has been raining hard each day for the past few weeks with still more in the forecast! Crazy.

  11. Yes, prayers for all.

    Mmm... for the homegrown potatoes.

    Enjoy your weekend!



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