Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Baseball Picture and Some Regular Stuff

A year or so ago, Frank White, 8 time Golden Glove winner and 2nd baseman for the KC Royals, was still working for the Royals after his retirement from playing. 
Unfortunately, there was a falling out, but the Royals loss was our gain for the Kansas City T Bones... Frank White came to work for our team as the first base coach. 

I've been trying to get a good picture of him this season, his second, to put on the blog, and last night... yee ha!... I was able. 

Yes, he did see me taking pictures, and I got a big smile for my efforts.  We sit in the next section over from where you see the people sitting here. 

Thanks, Frank. 

Ummmm... we lost. 

Humoungous mushroom in our pasture... there were four of them.  The babies tasted them, but it worried me so we went right back up the pasture after checking them out. 

Here we go up the pasture, leaving the mushrooms alone. 

The petunias on the deck of the henspa are still going strong.  
We have sunny skies today, after four or five days of clouds. 

We have two kinds of basil growing in the trough on our front deck.  Aren't they beautiful in and of themselves? 

Why, yes, that IS a goat on top of the now shuttered little red henhouse, helping himself to some willow leaves. 

And looking through the forest the little henyard is becoming... you can see eggs in the duck nest this morning. 

And here are some of those same eggs this morning, ready to go to the food pantry! 

Have a great Saturday, everyone! 


  1. I'm sure the food pantry must love your donations. Those eggs look wonderful. And your basil looks really good. I've tried several different varieties but none of them has ever done well for me. I do love it to cook with too. It is something we need to replant here every year because of the freezing cold winters it never comes back up again either.

  2. i bet the food pantry loves getting your donations! time to make some pesto?

  3. Great smiley picture, looks like a man that enjoys his work :-)

  4. Wonderful photos Mary Ann! Love the flowers and the herbs : )

  5. I can see that Frank is looking right at the camera! Great picture.

  6. Thought I felt well enough to come into work today....but am heading back home. will have to catch up later.

  7. Love the photo of the goat on top of the coop! Your gardens look awesome.

    I am your newest follower.


  8. Hi Mary Ann
    We are Madi and Mom.
    We came by from Ramona's to tell you we love your beautiful tote....Ramona is most talented.
    We were fortunate enough to receive a tote too with Madi's picture on one side and hummingbirds on the other side.
    MOL you have goats...Mom loves goats
    Hug Madi and Mom

  9. What a great picture of Frank!
    Too bad for the Royals but good
    for the T-Bones!

    Those goats! Waht a hoot to see
    the on on the coop eating the


  10.! That's better than meeting a movie star.

    Sorry you've been ill.


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