Monday, December 10, 2012

Cards for Leontien and More

Won't you all take a minute to send a card to blogger Leontien Vandelaar?  She continues her fight against a debilitating cancer.
Nancy, at a Rural Journal, here, wrote about her and has a link to her remarkable story on the blog of their family dairy, Four Leaf Clover Dairy.


Card courtesy the Graphics Fairy
Maybe our cards can pick up her spirits this Christmas season, and those of her family and husband.
I spent the day on getting the Christmas boxes sorted out and back out to the storage building, as the carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow.
I had to do a few errands this morning, and Lilly Ann is at the vet's, so I must go to get her in a short while.  She is being checked over for an itching skin condition.
Waterers were all frozen this morning, and I carried warm water to the birds, who were very thankful to get it.  I'll dump the metal waterers tonight at dark, and then in the morning can fill them quickly, without having to carry them into the house to thaw. 
We are expecting only one more night of really frigid temps.
Guess who was watching me today as I moved the boxes?
And the little wildings were very present, too... on such a cold day.  I put warm water out for them, and lots of food.
and these; we are going through lots of nyger seed now.


  1. We will send one out to her tomorrow!
    stella rose

  2. What a kind thing to do!!
    Prayers for her too!!

    Wow ... what pretty birds you have visiting the feeders.

    Smiles :)

  3. We think its a wonderful idea to help the spirits of Leontien and her family. Its very nice of you to mention it.
    It looks so cold at your house- and its so nice you feed all those birdies. They look happy.

  4. Cancer is a very sad disease. I hope her spirits are lifted.

    It's freezing here today. I hate it.

  5. The birds here are devouring my food almost as fast as I can put it out! It's really turned colder...brrrr! Sending cards to Leontien is a great idea. She's in my prayers.
    Take care and stay warm!


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