Friday, December 28, 2012

A Cold Day in Leav Co

It was 30 here today, but felt much colder.  I had to get out to do a few errands, and I told Keith when he got home from work that it felt like the cold was biting at me.  He agreed, and put on a sweatshirt under his Carhartt to do a few things out in the yard and run an errand.  I went out later to finish up after dark, and I swear it was ten degrees colder, and the wind blowing... but the thermometer says it is still 27.  It's snowing, though.
Keith is out sorting out the feed sacks as I type this.  I paid attention at the feed store, as someone was in front of me asking about hay.  It was Friday, and they still had hay!  Brome is still 9.00 a bale.  They also had orchard grass and alfalfa, and I did not hear the prices. 
I found a receipt from the same mill, Valley Feed and Supply Co., in Bonner Springs, Kansas, for some feed I bought in 1999, on August 21st.   
25 pounds of Sunflower Seeds = $ 5.50
20 pounds Scratch =                       3.50
50 pounds Quick Grower =            5.50  (I must have still had chicks)
50 pounds Oyster Shell grit =         5.50
50 pounds Wild Bird mix =            7.95
1 Bale Alfalfa Hay =                       4.50  (I fed this to my rabbits)
Compare this with today:
100 pounds of Chopped Corn =      22.00 (I use this instead of      scratch, a lot of which they left)
50 pounds layer pellets (20%) =     13.10
40 pounds Backyard Blend =          22.99 (This is a wild bird mix
                                                         of sunflower, safflower, peanut,
                                                         millet, cheaper than trying 
                                                         to mix my own. I actually 
                                                                                     bought 80 pounds.)

I took the tree down today, and will move all the containers out tomorrow.  There are still a few things to put away, but the majority is down.  I'll leave our Nativity set up until Epiphany, though.
Yesterday, I bought a new dog bed for Ranger, who appears to be unable to get up on it.  Someone else figured it out, though.

That's good, because she gave me the stink-eye earlier.

I'm not sure what that was about... do dogs get tired of being photographed like kids do?
Here are Jackson and Rosie, tonight.  Helen was on the roost opposite, facing them.  Rosie follows Jackson around like his biggest fan.  They are lovely turkeys. We should have trained the first Turkettes to roost inside.
This rather disgusting mess was the remains of the roast that I cooked on Christmas Day. The following night, we had roast beef sandwiches.  This (above) turned into this: below:
There was a LITTLE bit more meat than what showed above, but not much.  It made a very satisfying beef/vegetable/barley soup, and there is enough for me to eat while Keith drives to Council Bluffs tomorrow to take son Brandon and his friend Paige to lunch.  I am baking goodies tonight for him to take... an apple crisp, and some cookies.  The last of the Christmas fudge is going with him, too.
We did not get to see Bran over Christmas, as he is a working man now.
We want to thank everyone for their loving comments this week.  I have had a very bad head cold, and coupled with the sadness we had here on Monday, it has been a long one.  Thank you all for your supportive words.  I am trying to remember to keep Christmas in my heart.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Pets really are members of our families. I hope your new year brings much more happiness than sadness.

  2. It sounds so cold at your farm. Its cold here- but not as cold as your place.
    I keep thinking about all of you,,, and your heart break,,,
    I love to read your posts but all I want to do is hugg you,, and make your heart not hurt.
    I understand , and your trying to be so brave and strong and go on with your life, and I do not know how you do this.
    When I am sad,, I cannot even talk,,,,,
    please feel my huggs.

  3. Brrrr, I'm afraid to look.

    We are getting more snow. I think the weather maker forgot this is Arkansas, we don't have snow til February!

    Stay warm and feel better soon.

  4. I hope you're soon feeling've had a long week! And stay warm!!

  5. You make me cold just reading about your chores!
    You certainly know how to use left overs and stretch what you have!!
    We do the same here!!

  6. You will make it, Mary Ann, hard as it is and will be. Take all the time you need. The last two days I felt that I finally had time to give into mourning for Penelope without feeling as if I had to keep going for the family and to get ready for Christmas. Get all the rest you can and just hunker in. Try to do the things that comfort you. Thinking of you and your husband.

  7. Very sorry for your loss, its always heartbreaking when pets, so long with us pass on. Be careful and stay warm.

  8. The soup looks so delicious and warm! I do think dogs get tired of being photographed like kids - well it depends on the dog :) Continued hugs to you, just remember all your other critters who love you and need you, doesn't make the pain less but it helps you remain strong through your grief. It's 0 F here today! Stay warm.

  9. The snowwflakes looked so pretty coming down last night, though none of it stuck. We still have some snow on the ground from last week though, in the shady areas of the yard.

  10. You guys are really cold, brrr!! The wind always makes it feel colder too! The price of feed has really gone up this year here too, but hay is actually down a bit from this time last year.
    Your beef soup looks fabulous! I need to make some beef barley soup soon, it's one of our favorites. :)

  11. I managed one pot of soup when the family was down the other day. We ate most of it, the hubby really doesn't get into soup that much.


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