Saturday, December 15, 2012

I am Amazed

I am so very amazed at you, my fellow bloggers.... I have never read such heartfelt tributes, and wonderful dedications to the children lost yesterday, and the adults who were lost with them.   I hope we can find it in our hearts to be like parent Robbie Parker, who made such a loving tribute to his beautiful daughter, and asked us to find in our hearts the power to forgive the man who brought such sadness into everyone's lives.
Our day was blessed to spend with these from our own family:

Amber and Jace
Amber, Jace, Lauren and Grandma Trudy 

Your bloggers
Granpa Ralph and Jace's daddy Jesse were there, too.  We ate lunch at The Hereford House in Shawnee, Kansas... and let me tell you, we were treated like royalty, with a private room and lots of room for our gift exchange.  We had wonderful lunches and very good desserts.
But here, folks, is the best Christmas gift we could have received this year, and is, truly, proof of the Circle of Life:
Welcome Brynn Allison Lamb,
7:10 AM, 7 lbs 4 oz
Keith's first granddaughter, our first Christmas present.


  1. Congrats to you, nice to hear some happy news.......Enjoy family, hold them close, Francine.

  2. How very precious; the best present you'll get this year!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas present. Congratulations!

  4. That is one of the best Christmas presents a family can receive!

  5. Awww! A big congrats to you guys, how very special! :)

  6. What a wonderful Christmas present! Congratulations!

  7. It is good to know, no matter what, life goes on.

  8. Congratulations to your family. She is a cutie.
    Time spent with family is the best medicine.

    M :)

  9. Tragedies like the one that happened in Newtown makes us realize how blessed we are to be able to spend time with family...I'm so glad you were able to get together with yours and had such a fun time:-) Loved seeing all the smiling faces of your beautiful family!!

    Omigosh, congratulations on the arrival of Keith's first granddaughter, she's so adorable! A new baby to love, there's nothing better than that:-) xoxo

  10. So sad, no words...

    You have a beautiful family. Such a tiny baby.

    Congrats again.


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