Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blogging Stuff

Finally getting the tree up and the house decorated.
I look at all of the "shelter blogs" with the absolutely gorgeously decorated mantels, etc... and wonder how on earth the people writing those blogs have time to do everything!   I do enjoy seeing them, but wonder if they have as much fun taking it down as putting it up.
We continue on decorating here, though, for the grands and yes, for myself.
Still can't find my parent's Nativity set... though Keith has brought in another six boxes.  I am ashamed to tell you we have at least 12 boxes of Christmas, maybe more.  I am going to go through them on the porch Saturday, and we will set aside those we are going to donate for next year. 
I wanted to make a few comments about blogging tonight.  I am so appreciative of everyone who comments on this blog, you just don't know.  Even if it's a negative comment, I still appreciate them.  You see, it takes an effort to make a comment, to think about it and type it out.  We have actually gotten very good ideas from some of your comments. 
Last night one of the comments was that "we will see about the netting in the elements" ... we agree, actually.  It's a test to see how long it stands up, we know that the plastic we used for the hoop house didn't last very long.  Also, Michelle... I was the one who stopped Keith from making the full framework that he wanted to make for the new henspa yard... and he intends to finish it and put the whole framework in.  I was worried about getting birds moved before it got really cold.  Now we've had a little respite, so he will continue working on it. 
I try to comment on different people's blogs weekly... I put in an hour or so a day (yes, sometimes more) and make short comments because I think it's encouraging to the blogger.
Speaking of commenting, I change the lineup of blogs that are featured on the sidebar from time to time.  Two of those blogs, in the past,  were very good ones... and their writers/owners never commented even one time on our blog.  Not once.  I finally wrote one lady to tell her how much I enjoyed reading her blog in her contact email.  I received back a condescending reply and felt very saddened by it.  (In email, not on the blog).  Others have become good email friends, and I appreciate their friendships, no matter how long distance it is.  All I'm saying here is, People.... reciprocate! 

Off the soapbox now.
Here are some pictures I took the other day on my way to do an errand.

I featured the Manderscheid's display once before, but wanted you to see how they have dressed it up for Christmas. 
If you can enlargen this picture, you can see the incredible detail that the sculptor puts into these creations. 
They have very cute decorations for Christmas, and Santa has a good lineup of reindeer, that are lit up at night.
Here is a reminder for everyone... be careful when you leave buckets upright.  Two winters ago, I found two mice that had frozen in a bucket with an inch of water in it one night.  I felt dreadful, even though they were mice. 
The other morning, I found this little guy:
I had left just a few drops of a water in a Homer bucket, thank heavens... but he must have jumped all night trying to get out.  He was stunned.  He sat there for a minute after I got him out of the bucket, not moving.  Eventually, he moved off, slowly. 

These absolutely AMAZE me! 


  1. We're decorating our tree tonight!

  2. I love that you are decorating for yourself and the Grandkids. I think I would like to stop by your farm and it will help me get in the holiday spirit.
    I love to look at your blog- because your animals seem so happy- and you have such nice homes for them. I can tell there is a lot of love at your farm.
    Sorry I have not been around much- thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.
    I feel your caring and giving heart... and I want you to know that.

  3. i do good to decorate my house...forget the livestock! =o)

  4. Amazing photos, Mary Ann! Love them. I think decorating for yourself is the best reason of all. I can't imagine not having something of Christmas around.

    I quite agree about reciprocating. When I have a bit of time, I'm going to trim my list. Some just never comment back and I get the message. :) I even had one lady email me and then followed up with a second email telling me that she didn't know why she bothered telling me what she did because she didn't know me. I never heard from her again, emails or commenting. Well, I'm not sure how you do get to know someone if there is no communication! It's hard to keep up with commenting and blogging sometimes, but we do the best we can. Most of us understand that there are just periods of time when we are too busy for it.

  5. I do love that Longhorn!.........I`m working over Christmas this year, so wont be doing too much in the way of decoration. But love it all the same!

  6. Being in the middle of a move and in between two houses we opted not to decorate this year. I miss it. It is always such fun. As for comments, I am thrilled when I get one on my blog and I always try and reply or comment on the writers blog. To me it is just common courtesy and you start a relationship with the other blogger that way. Glad you rescued the little furry guy, he is too cute.

  7. Cute little mouse - but glad he's in your neck of the woods!

  8. WOW....I love those statutes.

    I would love to learn how to make one....a horse of course!

    I save the Mickey's too. Drives my hubby insane.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. It definitely IS more fun putting up decorations than taking them down! lol The only thing I have left to do now is to wrap up the presents then I'm done. Today, though, I thought I'd take the time to visit my blogging buddies:-)

    I know what you mean about visiting blogs that never come over to your own blog and comment. I just recently deleted a couple of blogs I always commented on but never got a return truly is common courtesy to return visits and if they can't be bothered, then so be it!!

    Poor little mouse, thank goodness you were able to save him! One never thinks of what a bucket with some water in it can do when it freezes!!

    I just love those Christmas displays, awesome!! xoxo

  10. You are still further ahead then me. Why I procratinate I don't know. Love the little mouse shot!


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