Sunday, December 9, 2012

2nd Sunday of Advent

How I love Advent, and the "getting it together for Christmas, spiritually" that goes along with it.  Peace was the theme for this Sunday, but peace is not what my weekend featured.  Two trips down south fetching Nate and then errands, trying to unload and check Christmas boxes, more errands... a brief respite last night at church and then home to watch HGTV's White House Christmas specials... I mentioned to Keith that this is literally a highlight of my Christmas season every year, to see the White House decorated... and he said "Then why don't you try to get tour tickets and we'll go see it next year!".  Never in a million years!  I'm writing our Congresswoman to try to get tickets, because you must request them months in advance.  I have never been to Washington, D.C., though Keith has, several times, both during his Army career and as a child growing up.

The sunset was pretty, but what I wanted you to see in this picture is the fact that the weather is changing... the darker sky to the right is a cloudbank, the front coming down from the north.  Within 30 minutes, the wind began to blow hard.
I opened the pophole in back of the little henhouse to make sure the last two birds had gone in... and these guys were standing near the warming light... not stupid!
Likewise in the big henhouse, everyone was near the light... but I turned it out just after this.  There is a warming light on the feed room side for Butch, who likes to be right in the warmth every winter.
The henspa crowd was as warm as toast, just before I turned the lights out. 
Their numbers are increasing daily, I am trying to move a hen every night.
I did have some help!


  1. Pretty sunset, neat old card on the right. Hope you get your tickets.

  2. You take such beautiful photos. The sunset- gorgeous,, and when you said the weather was changing- we can almost feel it.
    We love seeing your chickens,,, they look so happy- and they have such a nice home!

  3. Oh there is nothing like a White House Christmas! Went to one when I spent a year in DC right out high school! The lighting of the tree is fabulous !! You should definitely Go!! Enjoy your Christmas season!!
    Fondly Rain :)

  4. The White House Christmas tour is amazing!! Hope that you are able to go!

  5. I hope your help really helped and didn't try to get anybody.

  6. well they looked nice and comfy for the night!
    stella rose


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