Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Ship in the Desert

We still had good weather today, and a good thing, because I did some more watering.  By the weekend it will be so cold again that I'll have to unhook the hoses.
Guess what we got done?

Keith got it started while I ambled out there.

It was tied and then tie-wrapped with cable ties and was actually easy to put up, all things considered.
Note two hens not paying any attention... and taking their new covering in stride.
From the south.  I think the walnut tree is going to have to come out, it's just too close to the fence.
From inside.   The sun came out just after this, and comes through fine.  This is shade cloth, not net, bought from The Shade Cloth Store, and cut to order for us.  Our reason for buying shade cloth is that net would cause wild birds to become caught over and over.  We'll see how this stands up to the elements, we are going to have snow/rain early next week, at least that's the forecast.  They put grommets every 12 inches, at our request.  We still need to connect it to the henhouse at the north end, but Keith has A Plan.
It was also ordered because we want to prevent wild birds from coming into the henyard, and especially, into the henspa.
This was NOT expensive... $325.00 for this custom-cut piece, bound and grommeted.
The Planner and his bestest girl.


  1. What an awesome idea and thing to do!

  2. I guess durability will be the test.

  3. Great idea. We just put chicken wire on the top of our pen. We have natural shade.

  4. Good thinking on the planner! ............and the dog!

  5. I like it. If the snow becomes a problem, at least with the way he has it framed he can go back and add some supports from the high points to the boards around the fence. He'd just have to cut them like they do when framing a house like for roof rafters.

    Good job Mr. Planner

  6. Aww...I'm sure that you're his bestest gal:)


  7. Your such hard workers. We admire all that you and hubby do. You just keep on- trying to make the best out of what life gives us,,,,,
    You are both a good teacher,,,, I want to be like you.


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