Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beyond the Cookies

It's been a maelstrom in the kitchen today, and I am trying to do the post before going out to watch the Geminid Shower.  Keith has already come in to tell me that he has seen one meteorite dash across the northern sky, but when I went out, I saw nothing.  According to the paper this morning, the best time for viewing is after 10 PM and until 2 AM. 
Here is something I made to give to our relatives for Christmas...

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The layers are granulated sugar, cocoa, powdered milk, a dash of salt, white chocolate chips, and I used peppermint flavored marshmallows, instead of plain.  I don't have pinking shears anymore... so I used tissue instead of material for the decorative lid. 
I made the labels in Word, and cut them out with scrapbooking shears.
I also made these:
Oh. My. Goodness.
Here, at the Brown Eyed Baker.
The second batch came out even better. 
All I can say is YUM. 
Make them and enjoy!
Lest we forget this is a "farm" blog:
Looks in good health, doesn't he?


  1. Yum! Yes the fox does look well-fed.

  2. My goodness... how lucky your friends and family are.
    Such tasty looking treats you've made them.

    I know I shouldn't like foxes.... for they wreak havoc on the farm; but, I just think they are so durn cute!

    Warm wishes...

  3. Oh, I forgot to go out last night! Looks like you have made all sorts of tasty treats!! YUM! LOok at the wonderful tail on that fox! :-)

  4. That mix sounds really good.

    Yes, he's been eating pretty good.

    I forgot to go out and look for the meteorites

  5. I forgot all about the meteor shower, darn it!! lol

    Such a great idea to make that Hot Cocoa Mix as gifts and I love the idea of using peppermint marshmallows instead of plain ones. Those cookies also look delicious...I made some of those last year and everyone loved them:-)

    Yup, that fox does look well fed! We had one hanging around last year and he was so skinny, I felt sorry for him. Didn't want to start feeding him, though, and put the cats and other animals in danger. Haven't seen him around lately so either it died or went somewhere else. xox


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