Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Prep

Well, sort of.

I'm going through them all, and going to mark each bin/box whether or not we are keeping or donating or throwing out.  Some will be donated next year, in the fall, for the thrift store's Christmas Room.
Trying to get them off the porch by Monday.  (and out of the kitchen and living room!)

Nathan helped Grandma and Grandpa immensely today.  He pulled the line for the little henhouse through the cut in the eaves, and then crawled into the henhouse and changed out the warming bulb, and connected everything.  It took us a few tries... you see, we are down to ONE operational outlet in the big henhouse now, the mice have chewed through everything else.  The year got away from us... we had hoped to have it re-wired by now.
We are expecting very cold temps tonight and tomorrow night.  We had no rain today, though, and the clouds actually cleared in the afternoon.
Here is our resident owl, about an hour ago this evening!  I went to Saturday afternoon church services so I could sleep in a little in the morning... I left the warming lights on in both henhouses on the east side... and when I went out there to close up, thought I saw something fly across the light of the open pophole of the little henhouse.  I think I narrowly averted danger... but it didn't go far.... and was not a bit worried by me going around, shutting the gates, closing the popholes.  I'm sorry this isn't clearer, but it was full dark by then.
On second thought, I may ask Keith to go out and shine the spotlight in the little henhouse and see if there is a half-eaten bird in there!


  1. Oh, I hope there isn't.

    I sometimes feel guilty when we eliminate a predator but we must have eggs.

  2. Everybody has to eat, somewhere. Shame I know, but hens are easy pickin`s. I should know, 34 in one night by mister fox!!

  3. Same here, mess of decorations everywhere trying to get finished. I hope you don't have problems in the henhouse! We got rain yesterday, cooler today but still nice for this time of year...

  4. Look at your owl! We have one that hoots in the tree outside our bedroom window at night. When I hear the animal night noises I am calmed and think "all is right with the world". You have been so busy! What a big relief it will be to have the sorting done and the hen house fixed up again. Thankful for young helpers, for sure.

  5. You are doing exactly what I need to do... clean and sort through stuff.
    I think it will have to wait until after Christmas for us though.

    Hope that owl leaves your chickens alone.

    Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season.

  6. I've been away from blogs a couple of days but read back through the ones of yours I missed and enjoyed this very real blog of Calamity Acres, as always. You are a treasure! I keep watching our weather report and asking my husband, "Has Kansas had rain?" I finally had to explain exactly why I'm so interested in whether it's raining in Kansas or not.

  7. It's suppose to drop to 40 by lunch today. After nearly being 80 that's going to be hard on me.


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