Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Farm Help and Cookies

First off, I want to thank all of you sincerely for your comments about our home.  This house was built to house family and then workers who worked on the strawberry farm of which our acreage was a part.  They had a "U-Pick" operation, as well as selling strawberries.  The house was cobbled together, and as I said, our families have always thought we were nuts to move here, when we could have had our pick of many more properties.  It is near a state highway, though, and convenient to the Veteran's Hospital and to Fort Leavenworth, all things that matter to us.  We can also get to church and groceries quickly.  Anyway, thank you all for your nice comments, it meant a lot to me.
I have been working on Christmas gifts this week for our family gathering on Saturday with Keith's family.  I totally ruined a cookie recipe this morning... at least, I ruined them as gifts, but the remains are delicious and we have lots to eat. 
I was trying to make this:

The great recipe is HERE, at Jamie Cooks It Up, which I get in my email daily.
Let me tell you, even the shards taste good.
I ran out of white chocolate bits, so I substituted Cherry Cordial M&Ms... have you tried these yet?
I did use the peppermint.
I also used the kisses.
I sprayed my Wilton cookie sheets.
Mine STUCK to them totally, I had to scrape most off.  I am soaking the sheets right now.
BUT.... Even the pieces are delicious!
We'll keep them for Keith and me to nibble on for the next couple of days.
I'm trying again tomorrow, and using the white chocolate bits and parchment paper on the sheets.  
Out in the pasture...
Gertie and Lilly were finding a lot of white and tan feathers on the ground that were not there yesterday.
In fact, there was a whole line of them.
(the ice is from the plastic bin kept there for water... I dumped it and will fill a fortex now for the wildings)
And my last Ameracauna, Chatterbox, is missing.
I took this picture the night before last.  I had not gotten a green egg in over a week, and went looking for her and found her already up in the rafters.  She was a March, 2011, hatch, and was still laying daily.  I noticed Monday night that she looked as if she were only just now moulting, and everyone else has already finished.  During the summer I sit outside while doing water, and really take a good look at the birds daily.  These last few weeks when it has been chillier, I don't take as long.  I wonder who else is missing?  I'll spend some time tomorrow looking at everyone. 
"Nope, not in here, Mom!"
"Not here either, Mom! "
"She's not down here, either, but don't I look good in the sunlight?"
I have such good helpers!



  1. Evening Mary Ann, great looking cookies, love them, very festive......oh oh.....sorry to hear about her missing......what is lurking around??? Blessings Francine.

  2. Thank goodness you have little helpers to help you find missing chickys.
    Those cookies were sooo beautiful and I know they were good!

  3. Oh, I do hope that you find your sweet chicken, safe and sound.

    Too bad about the cookies. Sounds like you have a good plan worked out for the next cookie baking day :)

  4. Wonderful to have help, especially when you are looking for something you are not sure you want to find. Neat that your place used to be near strawberry fields : )

  5. Cant beat a bit of good help!............Those cookies look awesome!

  6. Oh my mommas cookies ALWAYS turn out like that...shshhhhh..she thinks that is how they are supposed to look..heheheheh
    stella rose

  7. Cherry cordial M&M's? Oh my. I have not heard of those but it's now on the top of my list to find them! Sorry your cookies stuck, that's frustrating but at least you get to eat them! ;) Sounds delicious.


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