Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yum Yum Yum

If I have not commented on your blogs in a while, my apologies (Cheyenne!)...our internet service is being very intermittent... sometimes I will start a post, lose the internet, and come back a long time later to finish it.  Same with reading blogs... I'll try to comment, and lose the connection.  It's Hughesnet, and they are famous for it.

Tonight I tried something new. 

I have become interested in making my own dog food.  I always hesitated to do this, but have talked to several who feed their dogs from home, and the dogs have done fine.   We have gone through several different kinds of dog food, and right now, all four dogs are overweight.  This makes it even harder on Abby and Ranger... Ranger has arthritis, and it makes it harder for him to get up and move around.  Abby.... she is so overweight right now that we sometimes have to carry her back in the house, and we don't want to lose her.  From research, I have discovered that some homemade formulas are so dense that a little goes a long way.

My main recipe calls for ground turkey, but tonight I had some hamburger that had to be used.  I fried it with no salt, etc.  I made four cups of brown rice... and opened a can of green beans and then ran them under a faucet in the colander to drain salt off them.  I cut up part of a potato that I had baked last night that Keith was too tired to eat.  I mixed all this together while it was still hot with an egg and a little canola oil.

Here it is in the bowl:

Yum-O!  (I cut the potato up even more, and as you see, there is not much meat)

Here is the proof it was tasty:

Gertie has become a finicky eater of late.  She is overweight, as are the other three...but I am hoping this new food will satisfy their hunger as well as slim them down.  I gave each a little taste of it tonight, and they all lapped it up... so we shall see!


  1. Oh, please do feed your dogs real food. It really does help and a little does go a long way. I hope it works out for you and your doggies. There are some herbs that help dogs with arthritis you can put into their foods. Garlic and turmeric are great for bringing down arthritis inflammations in a dog. is a good website on how to help. Wishing you well.

  2. I sympathize! However, Hughes Net can't be any worse than Telus Net. Trust me on that!

  3. My old girl Country is 17. I pressure cook chicken leg quarters for her. I cook them until they fall apart and I can even mush up the bone.

  4. I have been having problems with Bella eating ........ talked to vet about hamburger and brown rice recipe I found a blogger was using for her dogs. Vet said to boil beef or chicken and change to white rice. Did not want me to give her hamburger because of the fat is bad for pancreas and might cause her to have diarreha, forgot to ask her why white rice vs. brown rice. I need to get about 15 pounds on Bella, hard when she is picky eater, but she will eat down thru kibble to get to chicken finally chopped on bottom of her dish.

  5. For dogs, as with all of us, portion control is nearly as important as eating quality food for good health. Our dogs would undoubtedly be fat (as Aussies and bulldogs are notorious for it) if it were not for stringent portion control. Would that I was more careful of my own! ;-)

  6. My Butchy is over weight too, so we started walking . . . now that the weather is nice. It's been really hot so we get up early. The first couple times out . . . poor Butchy was dragging by the time we got home, but now only three weeks later and we have increase our walk by double and he is doing great. It makes me feel better too. Thanks for sharing. Connie :)

  7. Hi! Dont worry, I know your there!!...............We feed our dogs, just whats going, yesterday it was leftover steak pie, today its chicken and biscuits! We also give them real dog food, but hey! waste not want not!

  8. the foods you make looks soo nummy! i am sure i would like it too


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