Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Hot Day

So what's new?

We're still standin' in the fortexes around here to stay cool.

Here's Clarabelle, lookin' cute and feeling much, much better.

Here's rooster Two, protecting his entire harem... a tiny hen I call Whitey. She is one of our own breds, and they were from the same clutch.  They have always hung out together, and you see that he had her back while she laid her egg for today. She's three and still laying daily. 
They hang out away from the others, since they are both so small.

We went to the TBones tonight, and saw a good game, and when we came home, we locked everything up.  We found the big snake I showed you two days ago in the pasture pen, in between the hens who were snuggled all together and staring at it.  He was helping himself to some of the thirty eggs in there. 

My Hero picked him up by the tail, pulled him out, and tossed him ten feet away gently... and I tossed him an egg.  By the time we locked the turkeys up in the little henyard, he was back in the doghouse amongst the hens.  I think he is going for eggs only, but he can swallow their heads and suffocate them, and there is no roost in that doghouse.  I had planned to talk to Kathy tomorrow to have her start the little hutch for that pen, and now that I have seen him in action, I will make it a point.  She is going to build a second little pen like the white one for the bantam chicks, only it will be a little longer, and a foot off the ground.  Then we can lock this batch up every night, safe from snakes and rodents.

A possum is making a visit to us every morning early, about 4 AM... we keep catching him on the game cam.  I made sure it was on tonight so we can see what's going on out there.

And now to bed... I actually am going to fire the tractor up tomorrow and cut weeds for a while... it has been six weeks since I had to cut anything!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. It was very hot in my neck of the woods as well. Other than feeding the critters and picking okra, I stayed inside working on my newest hobby, decorating tin boxes with seed beads.

  2. I hope you get some cool weather soon! It sure is hard on the chickens :(

  3. You're MUCH kinder to that snake than I would be! :) Glad Clarabelle is feeling better...our/their bodies are amazing, how they can heal, aren't they?!

  4. Hi Clarabelle!! Glad you feel better.
    Yes,, teach that snake a lesson by building something too high for it.


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