Thursday, July 5, 2012


I cut grass weeds this morning, because really, the weeds are the only thing growing now.

Can you tell where our septic tank lays?

These are three of the standard chicks, who just started coming out into the pasture this week.  I had thrown some bread out, but the big chickens came out, grabbed some, and then ran back into the shade of the big henyard.  The babies are a little braver (or foolhardier).

We have T Bones Baseball tonight, so I am posting early... I'm heading out now to do evening chores, and then we'll go to the ballpark, eat on the way, and sit and watch our team for a while.  The nice thing is, we don't feel beholden to stay for the whole game if we are tired or too hot, and we're back up to 104 right now at 3:50.


  1. Hi Mary Ann...
    I sure feel for you.. and all that heat you're getting.
    Thankfully, we had a break in the heat today.....we had a real live rain storm.
    I'm so grateful!!

    Enjoy the game, and the weekend!

    Smiles :)

  2. again, I don't know how you folks handle that kind of heat... but here's an offer, if you ever find that you are heading to Maine.. let me know... I'll treat you to lobster.... stay cool....

  3. It's the same here. How can our weeds grow so much when everything else is dying?

  4. We finally got more than 15 raindrops yesterday.

  5. oh, dear. too hot and dry for so many areas of the country! we have nothing but crab grass growing here (the one thing the grasshoppers won't eat!) hope you get rain and cooler temps, soon. i've got my fingers crossed for here in texas, too.

    (and thanks for your lovely comment on my post today. feral can sure use the support after all they've been thru!)


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