Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Growing Birds

Our babies are growing up.

The standard birds are quite beautiful and healthy, and go out in the pasture daily with the big flock.

They still sleep in the little four x four hutch, though, out in the henyard, and as many as can fit on it's roost, do.  Unlike the batch last year, they have not started roosting in the trees growing in the henyard.

They LOVE their bread treats.

Cockerel?  I say yes.  Anyone want to suggest what breed?   That coloring is often called "Crele", but I am not sure what breed he is.
The chick man threw in two "extras" when I bought my chicks... I'm thinking that's how he reduces his "fryer" numbers.
He's the only standard rooster I'm sure of. (in the chicks)

These heavy-booted and muffed porcelain D'Uccle chicks are very nice.  Several of them will be going to new homes this week, though I hope to retain at least one pullet. 

And this guy, Jackson (ever thinking of love) is booming for the first time tonight!  Turkeys have a particular sound, vibrating in their chests, especially when trying to impress their lady loves.  Jackson had never done it until tonight!
Look what good condition he is in now, and Clarabelle, too.
Here they are when they first came:

The poor Turkettes, their feathers clumped together with mud from the pen they were in... and missing half their feathers underneath... and Jackson, thin, and with his tail feathers half out... and yes, he has molted since being here, but his condition was not good.

And here he is, romancing Clara last night... you can see his tail is filling in very nicely!  We are so happy with these birds.

Keith has begun working on the new henhouse again, and we hope to have it finished and fenced in by summer's end.  The layers are going to be moved into it, so that I don't have to get down on my hands and knees and figure out where everyone is laying now.  I am missing probably two dozen eggs in the last week, since the girls have begun hiding them again.  They won't be able to do it in the new henhouse.

By the way, the Kansas City Star featured a story on it's front page today about the fact that the corn is dying all around us.  We feel so very sorry for all the farmers, but of course, for everyone, because the death of the corn means higher prices for everything made with it.  


  1. Sweet chickens! I think it would be fun to have turkeys!

  2. Jackson looks like he is doing a beautiful dance! And I think Clara likes him!
    I love to hear about all your chickies and farm stuff!

  3. They look great! You've really taken good care of them.

  4. we're getting those news reports out here about the corn, makes me "nervous" because so much of "farm food" around here is corn/corn based... and of course my cereal... I feel awful for the farmers who work so very hard and have to deal with all this sort of thing... praying for rain for you folks!!!!

  5. The birds are looking good!

  6. Jackson is looking handsome! It is sad about the corn. It doesn't look like it will ever rain here and the temps are supposed to be back in triple digits next week. Yikes!

  7. The chickens are so pretty. We raise broilers for Tyson Foods and aren't allowed to have other poultry on the farm. Someday ~~ when I get to retire, I want to have some laying hens.


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