Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Turkey and a Tip

By the way, it's 101 at 8:41!

Last night I couldn't find Clarabelle, so walked out into the part of the pasture I kept long on purpose.

I found her. 

She is accumulating eggs in a nest... there are three now... and a single egg about 3 feet away from this nest, which I suspect is Annabelle's.  Anna, however, is nesting some distance away now.

Neither Turkette is setting, though... yet.

Tonight my son Jim and grandson Jax came out to check on Grandpa and Grandma, because I had not answered his phone calls several times.  He was worried we had collapsed in the heat... I apologized for not carrying my phone, and we loaded him up with The Big Chair to use at the pool party where they are going tomorrow.  I'm sure it will be the hit of the party!

I have a tip for everyone, it's a common sense tip given to me by my friend Jill at work.  Jill is remarkable, she and her husband Calep live in a typical suburban house that has a very untypical yard.  It is planted in native grasses and wildflowers, and is zoned into different areas.  They have two small ponds stocked with fish, and a small garden, and yes, they had to get a variance from their city to do this, as it is a very posh neighborhood.  They have a thirty acre farm that they are going to build on one day, and make frequent trips to it with their Border Collies.  Right now, it is in grass and being cared for by a local farmer.
I mentioned that I was going to cut grass, and quicker than I could sneeze, a message came across our IM at work.... from Jill, with the following link:

What a great reminder!  I re-thought my plan, and I am actually going to cut tomorrow morning, early...

It's a good idea to keep reminders of what could happen with the tinder-dry conditions that are abounding now.  Jill and I laughed this week because our free time has been devoted to watering lately.

Time to go lock up the chickens... I had already gathered eggs, so had to disappoint Jax... but I'm going to make some cupcakes early in the morning and decorate them for the holiday, and run them down to them for their picnic.  

Be safe, everyone!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Fourth!

  2. Thank you for the safety tips.
    Have a fun picnic

  3. Enjoy your day tomorrow and have a HAPPY 4th.


  4. I love turkeys! I'll have to stay in touch..Happy 4th!

  5. goodness... I don't know how you live with that heat... it's been in the 90's here in New England, and I can hardly stand it...
    glad you are all doing well....

  6. Wow - it's hit 99 here today and I'm melting - wishing you a cool breeze my friend.

    Happy 4th!


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