Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Down for the Count

We're down for the count here tonight at 107 degrees.

Trying to stay out of the direct sun.

Jackson has even pulled in his snood.  I am giving them wet feed in the evenings now.

Nowhere is the lack of rain more apparent than right here in this corner.  The trough for the llamas used to sit here, and you can see the grass that has gotten water next to the dead grass that has not.  The green in the distance is weeds.  I put a plain plastic bin out there in place of the water trough, and believe it or not, as green as it is.... it stays cool most of the day, and one of the turkeys has been standing in it regularly.   When I dump this bin daily, it waters the short strip of grass you see the hens eating, and yes, they run out there each night to eat as I dump the bin and refill it.  The rest of the pasture (except for the weeds) looks like the grass on the left. 

However in the hoop house, two of the tomato plants have put on a bunch of new growth, and have sent up some side branches in the last three days.  Keith suspects we are going to have an okay fall growing season... and so do several people at my office.   I know one thing, it's been a struggle keeping water on everything and everyone, and tonight it got to me.

I want to apologize for missing some posts lately... I can't get pictures to load, and can't get Hughesnet to cooperate. About the time I sit down to post/type/load pictures, the internet stops sending and receiving.  Tonight it has worked, hoorah!   Same with reading your blogs... I can't get to them often here in the last few days.  Must be the extreme heat (!)


  1. It truly has been a challenge to keep everyone watered and healthy in this heat. Hang in there!

  2. I am with you sister. It is exhausting isn't it? Hurry August.

  3. My heart hurts for all of you. You try so hard and there just does not seem to be any relief. I know you are all tired of this crazy weather, and we would be too. I cannot even imagine how awful it has been.
    Please do not put stress on yourself my friend for not being able to load photos. Internet problems try to drive us crazy- don't let them.
    Please be kind to yourself.
    I am sending you love from across the world..... lots of it..
    Your such a good momma to your chickys. How is Clara tonight?
    nitey nite

  4. I saw your retirement count and wish you congratualtions!!
    I have two more school years!! Hope I can make it!! Too old to be doing what I'm doing!!

  5. 107! That should be illegal. We had 98 here yesterday, and I felt like I couldn't breathe.

    I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope it ends soon. We ALL need a break.

  6. When I first started putting up tarps in the dog pens for shade, my husband would fuss and said that they looked tacky.

    But with the heat.... he finally stopped saying anything and fully understands why I have them up.

    I put them over their dog houses too to act as a barrier.

    Seems to help some.

  7. Bless your heart, Mary Ann... I hope you get some relief soon. You have to do all you can do to just keep everyone alive during this heat, don't you?
    Last week I took a sprayer bottle to the coop and sprayed the Silkies down. (Needless to say they were NOT happy with me, but...)

  8. oh my word.... how do you folks even function in that type of heat... we have been dealing with mid 90's here and I can hardly move.... looks like our break will arrive tonite and over the weekend... hope your's come soon!!!! will send out prayers for rain!!!!


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