Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time for a Laugh

No more dead hens today, so far, but another brutal day.  If you look on the weather map of the U.S., you'll see that the Heart of America is in the hotspot.  I have arranged to take off Thursday and Friday afternoon to take care of everything, and Keith worked from home as much as possible  today in order to do water.  We have a 60% chance of rain for Thursday, with maybe an inch expected.  YEE HAAA!

(Dandy wants to know what those white things in the sky are)

Sooooo it's time for a laugh.  Go here to the Dancing Donkey, and take a look at the cutest little thing you ever saw, having a good time playing on his mama.  Ramsey has a lot of featured posts lately, and you will see why... very, very funny.

 Our hundred-year-old walnut tree, now slowly dying... and hastened by the drought this year.

And, for those of you who are horseback riders (Cheyenne)... take a look at Stacy's blog here (Behind the Bit) and look at the Smartpak story from Saturday, but I warn you, you have to be barnrats (riders) to get some of the jokes and beware of the rather bald language in some of the You Tube clips which are howlingly funny. 

The standard chicks have learned how to roost....sort of!  They are almost as big as the standard hens now.
For great pictures of Olympic-mania in England, check out Barbara here and see the Olympic torch coming into London.  Barbara has featured many wonderful pictures of the Olympic structures over the last year on her blog, and she also features many ramblings in the English countryside. (where they have actual rain).

Keith has been to two Olympics with his family as he grew up... Montreal and Los Angeles.

I have a newer Sony camera, the 16 mexapixel variety... and cannot get it to load into the computer.  Yes, the heat has gotten to me, and while I sat here last night trying this and that, I finally gave up because things were going so slowly.  Of course, somehow, over the last three weeks since I bought it, I have misplaced the driver disc.  Uh huh.

(blame this on the heat!).

I also bought a game cam, and hung it on the gate in the pasture to see what was happening out there... and of course, I can't get IT to unload it's secrets either.

However, tonight, it occurred to me that all I needed to do was pull the SD card, and I proceeded to do so! 

Sometimes, the answer is right in front of us.

And with that, dear friends, I bid you goodnight.

The bantam chicks are learning to roost, too!

Clarabelle the Turkette is still with us and is doing well... her wound is healing, and maggot-free, thank heavens.  I credit this to the fact we have used equitrX on her, a wound spray for horses made by Bayer, and given to me by a vet friend.  I am on my second bottle, and I am telling you it made all the difference.  We did use Iodine at first, but I have sprayed it with equitrX twice daily, and used a pyrethrin fly spray to prevent the maggots, and she is walking around, eating, drinking and pooping.  I can't tell you how glad we are, as we really like our turkeys. 


We do have a fan in the big henhouse... it is just stinking hot in there.  We are almost afraid to shut it up at night, because we feel the heat is worse at this point than danger of possum attack.



  1. We had dinner with friends tonight and they said it was raining out by Bonner Springs. Did you get any of that? We got a whole 7 rain drops. *crossing fingers that it rains tomorrow*!!!!

  2. I do hope those white things in the sky drop some nice big fat rain drops on your farm and your world.
    Thank you for the updates on everything.
    I think your new camera is heat stroked or something if it won't work.
    Nitey nite my friends

  3. Oh .. I do hope that you get the rain that need!
    What a blessing that would be.

    I'm going over to check out the sites that you've mentioned.

    Hope today is a great one for you , and with lots and lots of much needed rain!

    Smiles :)

  4. Lets hope it rains for a while, and not just a shower!

  5. Glad you have a chance of rain! Hope you get a bunch.

    Take care,


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