Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, 97 at 8:12 PM


This isn't bad!  I'm actually out there enjoying myself tonight!  I don't know if I'm used to it or what?

However, I have just run short of water and decided to give the pump a rest.

Let me address a couple of comments we received last night...

Cheyenne said: "get a drip hose".  We have one, Cheyenne, but our well pump will run and run and run if we drip water, until the water is all gone.  We risk burning the pump out.  We discovered this last year when we got the drip hose and almost lost the pump.  I actually laid it out last week, thinking I would use it off and on, but have yet to connect it.  I agree wholeheartedly about watering from the roots.  I have a hand faucet for the hose that I switch out with the one you saw pictured last night... it produces a fine spray, and I usually connect this, and leave it at the base of the plants for a half hour at a time, the pump can keep up with that.

About twenty minutes ago, I was out watering and noticed the pressure had dropped considerably.  There had been a one hour hiatus after I had watered the birds, which I do as soon as I get home from work.  This tells me that our water table is getting low, because the 120 foot deep well is not replenishing as fast.  Heretofore, I could do the birds, come and water the hoop house, and then water the two biggest garden beds without worry of losing pressure.  I have come in to do the post, and then will go back out and try to water a little more tonight.  Tomorrow morning I'll go out at 5:45 and do the porch plants and the hoop house. 

Tonight, it was the pear tree's turn again:

I can't fill the buckets too full, because then I can't lift them out of the wagon. (I am, after all, just a woman)  I had to bucket out (with my egg bucket) the blue bucket because I had filled it too full.  This was trip number two. 

The Japanese Redneck (Hi, Ramona!) commented that they had used greenhouse plastic on their greenhouse.  We will do that in the future, we think.  This whole thing was an experiment this year, and we are ready to go whole-hog (though not with a huge one).   Despite this weather, we liked the whole experience.

Don't I always look so charming in my chore clothes?

Guess what I'm eating right now?

I wish I could tell you they are from our bushes at the foot of the pasture, but no... ours have literally burned up on the bush, I went down Saturday night to check.

These, my friends, are a gift from Kathy next door!  They are sweet and delicious and HUGE!
Keith is out doing an errand so guess what?  I'm sitting here popping them while typing and I hope there are some for him when he gets home! 

I'm going to stop right now and go out and lock the turkeys up.  The two batches of chicks are putting themselves away, I found them in their respective hutches last night, all going to sleep at dark.  One turkey, Clarabelle, was still out in the high grass laying an egg, so I'll check to see if she is back, and then lock everyone up.  We are taking a chance and leaving the popholes of the big henhouse open the last few days, it's just so hot in there even with the fan running.


  1. Those black berrys look so yummy! Very nice of your friend to share with you.
    I think your all doing the best you can- all you can do is try.

  2. Blackberries! Fantastic, softened,with sugar and ice cream!

  3. Last week I took Country out at 3 am and it took my breath away when I stepped out the door.

    Miserable weather.

  4. Hi Mary Ann...
    Sheesh .. this hot weather is gettin' the best of all of us.

    I've learned some valuable lessons though.
    For certain, next year I'd like to have some rain barrels in place on the barn and the granary and the garage.
    Hoping to capture and re-use any rain we might get... that's a pretty big maybe~~~LOL!

    And, yes... you look charming in your work clothes.

    I call my work clothes "Kerin Wear".... 'cause that's what I wear every day!

    Smiles :)

  5. Love those blackberries! Hope your water situation improves! Have a happy 4th!


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