Sunday, July 22, 2012

Taking Shape

Keith worked in the heat of the weekend on the new henhouse... and it's really taking shape.

This is the east end, where the "people" door will be located.  He put the siding and flashing up on both ends, and got both ends painted.  Here you see the gable end going up.  There is a hole under the middle piece for the vent... he will cut it out soon.

And the west end.  I particularly like the color of this building, and I think we are going to paint the other buildings here the same color (eventually).

Here is the henyard door.  The pophole will be to the left of this door, and will actually have a switchback, as the door is pretty high.  The house sits up off the ground a little over a foot, so that the hens can get out of the sun. 
Roosts will be to the left, and a brooder cage to the left of the window on the far wall... nest boxes will be on the wall to the left of the door.  We'll have the electrician out for the wiring of the building soon, and then the fence around the yard will go up.  Hopefully, by mid-August the layers will get to move over to their new digs.

While Keith was working on this new henspa, I was doing this:

Life, as it is this summer of 2012.

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Night night!


  1. now thats a Hen House!! more up market than i`ve seen in ages. When can I move in?LOL! (sorry, being cheeky there!)

  2. This is going to be such a useful addition to your property.

  3. That's a great looking hen house! I wish my hubby would build one like that to use for storage. We could use another storage building. The watering photo sure looks familiar! Have a good week and stay cool!

  4. Great looking hen-house!!
    You and me...we've been up to the same stuff... working on making a cozy place for the 'girls', and watering...always watering!

    Smiles :)


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