Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Rain

Indeed, that's what came our way last night... a little rain.  How grand it was to see lightening in the sky, and to hear rain on the windows!  We had a puddle in the driveway this morning, but it did not do much towards helping the poor earth, I'm afraid.  It WAS 20 degrees cooler while I did chores, however!

The view from the deck.  There was about a half inch of water in the yard cart you see by the seed barrels.

With apologies for all the chicken pictures this week... here are the standard chicks again.  These are turning into beautiful birds.

And they love to bathe communally!

Here is a picture that came off the game camera the other night... I finally got the pictures off it and it is set up to take pictures tonight.  It was fascinating to see dawn and dusk while sleeping in my own bed.

What IS the creature you see to the right?  We think someone's fluffy dog, but we can't identify it!

At 1:37 in the morning, we can't imagine whose dog (if a dog) it might be.  We know there are feral cats down below us at the Spehars, they feed them around their woodshop.  But it almost looks like a little dog, doesn't it?

I hung the cam on the pasture pen that you see in the picture... pointing toward the henyards.  The other night it was hung on the henyard gate.  It'll be interesting to see what's on it tomorrow.

Why I only got 7 eggs today.  I wasn't going to argue OR interrupt his dinner.

Because of the rain, I am taking a watering break tonight, and will hit it again tomorrow night when Keith has returned from Salina.  I'll go out to batten down the henyard hatches soon... and at least it will be comfortable in the henhouse tonight for the big flock.

This week I have been to two wakes, or visitations.  One last night and one this afternoon.  It reminded me, again, how fragile our lives are, and how short they can be, as one young man of 31 died tragically, and the other, at 57, of cancer, leaving a family to mourn him.  It makes me more than ever ready to retire, to have a few years here (at God's will) to love this little plot of land, to take care of my dear family, and to be a good companion to Keith.  I know it is not far off, and the thought of it is very sweet.  My heart went out to those poor people who have lost loved ones, especially a grieving mother, my friend, tonight.


  1. I like that you share everything with us. That is what is cool about your site. I love your chickys and your farm and stuff that happens there.
    I am happy some raindrops fell. I know you need more. And I am happy it was 20 degrees cooler.
    I think life is fragile too. Tonight I was sitting outside.. looking at the trees and the mountains and the the flowers, and birds ans I am happy that I have this moment to soak it in.,,
    I understand what you are saying, and I hope your retirement is soon.
    nitey nite

  2. Yippee! So happy that it rained in your area!
    A blessing indeed!!

    That night cam is pretty cool.
    I've thought about getting one for my sweet hubby. I think he'd really like it.
    We'd see coons on it for sure!

    Sorry about the loss of your loved ones. It is such a hard thing to go through....never,ever gets any easier.

    Love that you are so looking forward to retirement, and spending time with your hubby.

    Have a great evening!


  3. Your snake friend would have to go, he'd give me a heart attack.


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