Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot Again

It got up to 101 again today, but really, was not as bad as it could have been.  The birds were suffering, but not horribly so as they were two weeks ago.  We changed the water 3 times, and that kept them going, I think.

Buffy suffers so in the heat, more than the others.  I found her by the waterer, all spread out.  She really looks dead.  This picture was after I had changed the water and it was nice and cold again.

The waterer sets on a concrete block, and she loves to lay near it; she moves the litter aside and lays on the cement floor.

Today some friends came to take a porcelain D'Uccle cockerel and pullet home, and I also gave them an Ameracauna hen I raised here last year.  I tried to give them her sister, but the wily girl went to the top rafters of the henhouse.  They wanted a green egg layer. 
Yes, I gave away a producing hen, but I also gave away another cockerel and a pullet.  I'll keep the other two pullets, and will have to make a decision about the mille fleur cockerel, and the other two porcelain cockerels.  That's the Mille cockerel on the right, and a mature Mille in the middle, eating the corn.  Notice how the younger birds are waiting their turns.  They got what was left.

Gertie and Abby say "Sweet Dreams"!

(Pugs can't go out when it's this hot)

Yes, our good little Clarabelle is still alive.
She is in the little henyard tonight, but can't fly up still to her roost. 
Tomorrow we are going to build a small pen in the big henyard, and during the day, she will be kept in it, away from the other birds, but where she can see them.  She will have plenty of water, and we'll put a shade over the pen.  That way, we can give her Terramycin in her water, to prevent and fight infection in her wound, without letting all the other birds get it.
So far, the wound is not nasty... we have sprayed it with antibiotics, with fly spray to keep anything from laying or hatching... and with iodine to keep it clean.  No, Clara doesn't necessarily like it, but she is eating and drinking and walking around so we are cautiously optimistic. 

I'll try to get a picture of her tomorrow.

As Tweedles (that's me!) says... .

Nitey nite!


  1. Glad Clarabelle is healing. Sorry about the 101. We have been so fortunate here to have rain everyday this week and temperatures in the 80's. Can't believe it. Last year it was drought and 110. I hope August is nice to us also.

  2. I was out your way today burning up the roads between Eudora and Leavenworth, Mary Ann, and thinking about you. It was a nasty hot one today - too bad we're not getting some of that rain that Charlotte is getting. Apparently, our fears about this summer are coming true. The corn looks really bad.

  3. When it gets so hot outside, I give my chickens a mud puddle and they love it!! They sit in the water and cool off.

  4. Thank you for the update on chicky Clarabelle. Such a sweet chicky.
    Your taking such good care of her. She knows that you love her!

    Gertie and Abby do look cool--- I can't be out in the heat much either- but your heat is 100 times hotter than mine.

    I hope all the chickys get cooled off
    nitey nite

  5. I am so pleased to read that Clarabelle is getting better. the teramicine will help.. poor little thing.
    great idea to put her in her own space.
    I dont know anything about pugs.. but I know my 4 dogs must be in the shade, or inside with the aircon on. Here its 39degreesF.. not sure what that is in celsius.. or could it be the other way around, whatever ..Its hot hot hot here. The fields are now just about arid and dry.
    The sorgum is ok.. that has the sprinklers going onto it in the the sheep have feed. The horses might have to start hay soon.
    Happy Monday Mary Ann.
    thank you for your comments on my post

  6. The dogs looked whacked out in the heat. Don't want it as hot as there but would like a little. Having the wettest and coldest Summer we can remember.


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