Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

And a very quiet one for us... in fact, except for a trip to take some treats into son Jim's house, we spent a quiet holiday, and so far, there are no fireworks going on directly around us.  Hot today, too... well over 100, and now 96 at 9:15.

Today Kathy brought these over for us:

Yes, I bought a set from her.  She made the seats a little shorter, and the "woman's" size is the nearest to the camera.  She made the backs a little straighter, as well, and let me tell you... they are comfortable!  The little table was a late addition, and I love it.  Yes, I'm going to have to move them around when I mow, but it will be worth it.  They are facing the established garden bed now, but are light enough to be moved around (I can see us around the firepit in the fall).  I'm going to run to Home Depot tomorrow and pick a paint color and paint them.  You can see our grass has gone dormant, Kathy and I talked about the fact that we are not cutting... the weeds have grown some, but the grass literally crunches now when we walk.  It's scary.

After all, it is the birthday of our nation today... and I spent the afternoon watching wonderful old movies on Turner Classics.... "1776", "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and now "Stars and Stripes Forever".... Hurrah the U.S.!!!!! 

What a wonderful country we live in!


  1. Your day sounded perfect.
    The chairs are so nice!
    Let Freedom Ring!

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing day to me :)
    Great chair set... looking forward to seeing what color you paint them.
    Maybe you should paint them green.... in honor of the crunchy grass~~~~LOL!

    Everything is so dry... I so wish we'd get some rain storms :)

  3. She did a great job.

    My yard is crunchy too.


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