Saturday, July 21, 2012

We Now Take You To New Programming

When Keith was a boy growing up in Fort Dodge, Iowa, his grandparents had a cottage on Chase Lake, in Deer River, Minnesota.  During the summers, the whole family would gather there, and fish in the lake that was so clear you could see down 15 feet deep.  In the evenings they would play cards, and talk, eat S'mores, and listen to Minnesota Twins games on the radio, as there was no tv reception in the woods.

Two or three times a year, Keith's mom and dad would load the three kids in the car, and go to Minnesota to see the Twins play, so Keith was very excited this week when there was an ad in the paper that his favorite player of all time, Tony Oliva, would be making an appearance here:

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, in Kansas City, Missouri, celebrates baseball as it had to be played during segregation... when black men had to play in their own leagues, at their own fields.   Keith had wanted to see the museum, and the appearance today just made it better.

There was quite a crowd, made up mostly of Twins fans who had come to the city for the current Royals/Twins stand.  Keith was able to ask a question which Mr. Oliva answered at length, talking about his youth in Cuba and how he learned to hit as well as he did.  After the comment session, another former player, Diego Segui, approached Keith and they talked at length about what a great hitter Mr. Oliva was, and the merits of hitters then and now. 

The American Jazz Museum is right next to this museum, so Keith is going to have his parents come down so we can all go through both museums. 

I can't explain how nice it was to see the glow on Keith's face when he came in after speaking with his childhood hero.  Everyone should have such a pleasure... it made his day, and made mine seeing and hearing him.

We went out together and had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden, served by a wonderful waitress, and then stopped to do the short grocery shopping on the way home.  Keith had worked on the henhouse all morning, so he is in bed already, and I have set up to do tomato preserves tomorrow, which I'll photograph for everyone. 

I also got a critter-cam today... and it is hanging out on the gate to the henyard so we can get to the bottom of what's going on in the pasture at night.  I think we are missing the little standard cockerel... I did not see him anywhere despite doing chores three times today.  Yesterday evening an owl was swooping back and forth at the edge of the pasture, so we shall see what's up, I hope, when we look at the disc in the camera.


  1. Isn't it fun to see such happiness on one's face when they are doing something that really excites them/

    Looks like fun.


  2. That is so wonderful! I'm glad that you all could have that experience!

    Just stopping by to let you know I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog and The Very Inspiring Blog Awards! Stop by my blog to accept in the comments and pass this along!

  3. Wow, a cottage on the lake...fishin', talkin', smores, and baseball on the radio. Sounds like a dream of a childhood to me! So happy for him to meet and talk with a childhood hero! He must be on cloud nine!!

  4. It sounded like a "good old time to me"!
    hummm I wonder what the camera will show.

  5. We all need days like this. Sounds like he has great childhood memories.

  6. I hope the critter cam gets the culprit


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