Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Under the Weather

I think the events of the last six weeks, my sister's sickness, Keith's fall, etc. are finally getting to me. I was out watering the garden tonight, and realized I felt awful.  Came in, took my blood sugar, and it was dropping rapidly, so I stopped watering for the night and made a good salad for myself and for Keith, who was out at the time.  I am still not feeling well, so will post quickly and then hit the hay.

I know they are hard to see, but there are birds feeding in the flat feeder at the wild bird station. I had actually taken a chair into the hoop house, so I could sit and water everything in there thoroughly.  I discovered that I can sit there, unseen by the birds, and watch them up close! 
We still have lettuce, though it is getting long in the tooth.

Swiss chard "Bright Lights". 
I planted this because it is just so darn beautiful.  I only planted two plants and they are HUGE.  I have no idea how to fix it, or if it's too far gone to fix.  I'm too pooped to read about it tonight.
I would actually plant this in the flower bed. \

And speaking of flower beds, here's one I've been neglecting:

It's the last bed we made last year, to the north of the hoop house.  It has a huge hollyhock in the middle, some liatris, some iris, and a LOT of weeds.  By the time I finished with it tonight, I was on my way to getting it cleaned up... but realized I just did not feel well enough to stay outside a long time.

And with that, folks, I've got to get to bed or fall out of this chair!


  1. Dice some nice thick sliced bacon (just a slice) throw in some diced shallots, let them cook to a blonde stage...throw in fist fulls of chard...the leafy part and the stem chopped (if you want the stem)...put the lid on the pan and steam until the chard is cooked up like spinach...then dot with real creamery butter. Yummy!!!! or you can eat it fresh in a salad, use it in ravioli or lasagna...any way you use spinach you can replace with chard.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Mary Ann...
    It's no wonder that you are feeling so tired!
    You've had a lot on your plate for quite a while now.
    Our emotions, and mental health can surely affect our physical health.
    Take a breather.
    Take care of you.
    Enjoy some quiet time.

    Sending warm wishes...

  3. We like it boiled in water until soft then sprinkled with white vinegar. I know, it sounds awful, but really is very good. Look after yourself. You are unique.

  4. I hope you are feeling better too. You need some rest and time to take care of yourself. Life sometimes gets heavy and rest is the best thing for you

  5. Agreed. Life does take its toll on us and you need some rest. Feel better, my friend!

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon, Mary Ann. Slow down a bit and relax if you can. Take care of you, too.

  7. I hate is when I can feel my blood sugar drop.... I have Bright Lights swiss chard growing in one of my flower pots by the door. I made sure to use organic potting soil. Just going to start picking. (I think I'll try it like Lynda suggested up above) bunny's love it too :-)

  8. Hoping for a better day for you Mary Ann. (Your greens look great!)

  9. It's time to take a break and take care of yourself. Hope you feel better soon.


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