Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still Sick

Still not tip-top, and my throat is worse... I'm beginning to think it's antibiotic time.

Guess who is going to spend their first night out of their trough?

Last year I moved the chicks in and out for their first few weeks, but this year I just don't have it in me, I'm just not feeling chipper enough.  I am going to pray they go to roost in the little Ware hutch you see... there is a roost in it... and then close the little door you see on the right.  That locks them up. Then I'll close the pen gate tightly with a rock against it, and they should be safe.  I think they'll be okay, it will be in the 60s tonight and they have not had lights on them for almost a week.

I have to say that I checked them when I got home at 1:30, and they were having the time of their lives running around in the pen.

I did not intend to move them until Saturday, but when I picked their waterer up to fill it this morning, it came open and spilled all over them and the trough.  I had to work fast.

Look who is back in the fortex in the corner of the closet of the big henhouse.  Am I wrong or is this guy a LOT bigger?  By the way, no one is laying in this dark corner now, but I think some mice are making a mistake by going in there. (The camera lightens it... it is actually so dark you can hardly see him).

The huge buddleia in the middle of the garden bed is blooming now, and almost looks like a lilac.  It dwarfs the buddleia next to it, that you can just see on the left and that has been blooming for two weeks.  I'll have to make my way into the bed to see what this variety is named.  It's two years old and HUGE.  The white lillies look so pretty next to it.   The bush behind them is also blooming, but you can barely see the blue flowers on it. 

I know this is odd to end a post with... but I'll explain.  My sister Kathleen loved to crochet and knit, and she made me lots and lots of dishcloths these last few years.  All practical and serviceable, and I have had many of them, it kind of got to be a joke that each Christmas she would load me up with dishcloths. 

I have to tell you something strange... they are all unraveling.  I have maybe two that aren't, and this was one of them, and now... it's unraveling.  There is a flaw in the middle right... I just think this is so very unusual and strange.  I teased her over the last year and told her she should be fixing me up with a lifetime of washcloths and she could sit in bed and work on them.... she would just laugh. She made some nice dishcloths!


  1. Hope you get better soon. In the meantime I'm going to run Norton Anti Virus on the computer, just in case you have infected it. :-}

  2. I hate feeling sick and having a sore throat! I hope you feel better soon.
    The chickies are all locked up, so they should be ok.
    I think the dish clothes are pretty.

  3. I hope you're soon feeling better. Just seeing that snake again would scare any germs out of me faster than I don't know what! :)

  4. I'm sorry you are sick. Way behind cause I've been out.

    Hubbies knee surgery went well.

    Happy weekend.


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