Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day dawned hot and bright, and despite clouds coming and going all day, there was nary a drop of rain (again). 

I checked Wunderground at noon, and it read "92.5, feels like 95".  Whew.  Keith reminded me that a year ago yesterday it was 105 here, so I guess we can't complain.  All I know is, while I was doing waterers, I was perspiring to beat the band.  Keith is getting ready to go out of town for the next four days, so I tried to get everything done that needed assistance, so I can be ready for the week.

I had help in the pasture.

It's going to be a challenge trying to feed for the next 3 days, I can see.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Hackney ponies, which are a true pony, started from a Hackney horse stud and Fell Ponies, with some Welsh thrown in:

General appearance

The Hackney pony may not be above 14.2 hands (hh) and usually range between 12 and 14 hh. It should have true pony characteristics, and should not be a scaled down version of the Hackney Horse. The pony should have a small pony head, carried high, with alert and pricked ears and large, intelligent eyes. The neck should be muscular, arched, and carried proudly. They should have powerful shoulders, a compact back, and a light frame. The legs are strong with good joints, but the bone is usually fine. The feet are very hard, and are usually allowed to grow long in the toe to accentuate the action of the pony. The tail is often set and is carried high. They usually have even more exaggerated action than the Hackney horse, knees rising as high as possible and hocks coming right under the body. The action should be fluid, spectacular, and energetic.

Blackie, of these two, has much the better action. 

Meanwhile, back at the little henyard, there was a traffic jam.

This Welsummer was giving a Mille Fleur what for for taking so long to lay her egg!

But Keith, who got to spend His Day playing golf, was worn out by the time he got back, from the sun and wind:

The Little Girls and their Daddy got to watch the Golf Tournament together on His Day.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day!

And a short postscript:  We have heard from Renee and Brian, who have taken our llamas.  They arrived, were unloaded and are doing fine in their own pasture with some goats that they are going to be guarding.  It was hot as blazes there, too... and Renee was good enough to get a swimming pool for Inca already.  I know they'll be fine, she seems to have a special affinity for them, and I think will do well.

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  1. I've missed something. Will have to back up...

    Glad the llamas are getting a good home.


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