Monday, June 11, 2012

And the start of another week.

I thought I might post some garden pictures tonight... I did a lot of work cleaning up around the yard in the heat of the afternoon yesterday, and a lucky thing... we actually had a very good thunderstorm last night late (or early this morning) and another at dawn... with at least an inch of rain.  We needed it so badly that the ground soaked it up.  It cooled things down, too.

This is the beautiful hemorocallis "South Seas" that I planted recently. 

And this, my friends, is the not so pretty Big Boy tomato in the hoop house.  Looks awful, doesn't it? 

Oddly enough, there is a worse.

And here it is, the pitiful Early Girl.  These two did DEFINITELY not like being grown indoors.

Never fear, we are getting tomatos.  There are two other plants doing well. We knew there would be a learning curve this year.

And the Mediterranean herb plants.. they are LOVING the extra heat the hoop house provides.

I'll say to you all though, that you MUST water almost daily, especially in the heat, or lose the plants.  I suspect that's what's happening to the two tomatoes that are struggling... the water going up and down too much.  Just guessing, though.  We need to either gravel the base, or apply (yikes) an herbicide to cut down on weed growth, too... and the cilantro planted separately from these herbs has already gone to seed and will be growing in one of the tomato barrels soon, since it's Homer Bucket overlooked a tomato.

I also note that it doesn't do to plant peppers in the smaller containers, they dry out much too quickly.  I think investing in a few more of the big whiskey barrels will be something for next year.  Live and learn, and that's what makes gardening so much fun!


  1. Hi my friend
    Yeaaa for the rain!!!
    I know my garden is a learning thing too!
    Last year we had a boy and girl tomatoe plant like you,, but this year we will have a yellow pear tomatoe, and red cherry tomatoes. We do not even have blossoms yet- and I see you have tomatoes!
    Mother Earth is moving things kinda fast these days, maybe she needs to slow down,

  2. So wonderful that you received the much needed rain.
    What a blessing!

    It's awesome that you are getting tomatoes!

    Yes.. live and learn... every single day it seems ~~~~LOL!

    Have a good day my friend :)


  3. Oh I'm glad you're getting some rain! It sure makes a difference...somehow there's nothing like rain to make things grow, even though we water.

  4. We had a huge storm with a giant lighting display last night.


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