Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Proof

It was hot and humid today, and felt like a storm was coming.  Lilly was panting hard as she walked across the leaf-laden lawn. 

The llamas headed for their barn... they always go there when it's going to storm.  They layed there several hours, but nothing happened. 

Friday on the way to Frontenac for my sister's burial, we saw two hedgerows that appeared to be changing color already, and getting red and yellow.  We remarked upon it but soon forgot it.
Lo and behold, when I cut grass yesterday, I found three saplings, all maples, that have changed color. 
What on EARTH is happening with our weather!

Our neighbor, Kathy, has been out of work almost a year.  She has begun making yard furniture for sale, out of old pallets, (and some newer).  See her bench she reconstructed on the left.

She made these adirondacks yesterday afternoon.  I tried one, they are comfortable, but I would put a cushion on them if I were to use one regularly.  (and I may be!)

She is even making primitive wine racks!

I think Kathy is so creative, and wish her the best in her new endeavor!

Tonight's full moon, with some clouds coming back over now... I can no longer see it out the office window.  It's the close of a long, long week.


  1. Something very weird is going on, I agree. A few of our maples have colored leaves on their tips. I don't get it.

  2. It is a "little" early for things to be changing colors!
    Hope things go well foe your neighbor--her things are very cool.



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