Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Turkey and Her Girl

I look enormous in this picture, like I have gained back all the weight I had lost.... I haven't.  I think it's the angle.

But generally, this is what it looks like when I do chores.  Clarabelle follows me around and sits and listens to me.  She had been down in the high grass you see in the distance laying an egg.  She was having a little treat, too, as I still had some bread in the bucket.

Here is the name of the recipe magazine I got the good hamburger macaroni casserole from.  I've fixed it twice, and the kids and Keith and I all like it. It's a Better Homes and Gardens publication.

This is the actual recipe, and I think if you click on it you can biggify it to be able to read it.

It makes a wonderful casserole, and there are lots more in the magazine that we are going to try.  Keith actually doesn't care much for macaroni and cheese, but he liked this.

I just had to show you our neighbor's cat Smoky, surveying the world from the seat of their mower.  Kathy told me he likes to lay on the seat of her husband's Harley, too!  Smoky turned up in our garage last winter, and I am so glad he found a great home at Kathy and Troy's, he's a beautiful Ragdoll!


  1. That cat sure looks comfortable. Connie :)

  2. I think I'd be taking my shoes off and soaking my feet in that nice, cool water this summer! :)

  3. She looks like quite the great help with chores!

  4. You are always so busy!

    Love that cat napping.... looks like a perfect way to spend the afternoon!!

    Smiles :)

  5. Turkeys are so personable. It's been such a surprise to me to find that out.

    Your cat's a real pretty guy.


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