Thursday, June 21, 2012

The 17th Egg

...or... Alica, don't read any further!

We have gotten 16 eggs three nights this week, a stellar week for our girls.

Here's the 17th:

Better an egg than one of my pullets!

(I threw out the dirtiest egg in the bucket, but 15 is darn good for a bunch of older hens and little girls!


  1. Of course you know, I HAD to look! My feet came up off the floor involuntarily! It's a good thing he's way far away from my PA chickens! :)

  2. Beautiful eggs. My girls have slacked off the week. Either I can't find them or they don't like the heat. That snake freaks me out. I wrote a post on a story my grandmother told me about how she got ride of chicken snakes. I think it will make you laugh. I never knew whether to believe it totally or not.

  3. Ugh, you and your black snakes! *cringe* Thank goodness I haven't seen any of those this year. Do you sell your eggs? I can barely keep up with what we're getting.

  4. Nice eggs, but that snake....yuck!! I hate the things!

  5. New to your blog, saw that you joined mine and I'm loving catching up on yours. Great eggs but, um, NO to the snake, ha.

  6. Ok.. Mary Ann...
    You just might need to add my name to that list... the do not look list that Alica's on~~~LOL!

    Happy for you getting all those eggs...
    still creeps me out seeing those snakes!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  7. that snake is so much bigger than any snakes around here!


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