Sunday, June 24, 2012


Heat index of 107, temp of 98 right now at 6:16 PM.  Everything here at Calamity Acres hunkered down to survive the start of a hot week.

How I wish I were already retired, so that I could make sure the birds have cool water at midday, as we did today when we watered three times.

Buffy hunkered down in the dust under the saplings in the big henyard.

The birds had their bread treat in the shade of the walnut tree while I filled the swimming pool for them to drink from in the pasture.

I literally trickle watered the gardens all day.... it was so hot.  This is the new buddleia we got just two months or so ago, and as you see, it's doing very, very well, and blooming!

This guy was NOT hot... we kept the dogs in all day today, and will for most of the week.

I know you are all wondering about the beautiful mare we featured last night... we have something very nice to tell you all about her...and yes, she is back with her owners...but really, God works in wonderful ways, and we'll explain it all tomorrow evening.

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