Friday, June 8, 2012

Day Three

And it's a summer cold, ugh, the worst kind.  I have had fever and chills all day, felt so horrid at work I came home again and went to bed for the second day in a row.  I'm still watering the flowerbeds, or would get into bed right now, at 7:30!

There may not be a post tomorrow, as I am going to stay at my son's.  My son and his wife are going to their yearly bowling tournament in Springfield, Mo.  They always take the kids, but this year, decided to have a couple-only trip!  YAYYY for them!  I am going to do my Saturday morning errands and then go into their house and watch the kids.  I'm picking up Candyland on the way (and maybe Chutes and Ladders) to teach the two littlest grands how to play.

I'm praying I feel better by morning... Nyquil is going to help with that!  I want to make cookies before going, but am worried about infecting all of them, so maybe I'll just buy some at Walmart on the way.

Neighbor Kathy is finishing up the great brooder pen she made me today... it was the best $150.00 I ever spent this spring.  She and Troy are going to get it into the little henhouse pen... I didn't ask how, but it will be there when I come home on Sunday morning.  I think their strong sons-in-law will be over tomorrow, so I suspect they will be dragooned to carry.

We are expecting nineties tomorrow, and a slight possibility of rain on Sunday.  How we need the rain!  I am watering every single night now.  I noticed some of my flowers had actually curled in the beds, and they got water tonight.  Keith will be watching the little birds and big tomorrow and doing water frequently.  I noticed that the turkeys are standing in the water fortexes, and emptying them during the day.  There is a pool in the pasture with water... Inca's... and I filled it high enough that the big hens can reach it.

These squash seeds sprang from an old squash a girlfriend had left on her porch at Halloween two years ago.  Ranger played with this crook-neck all the time, it was all dried out.  Finally, he broke it. Look what it has done in our compost bin!

I have not watered these.

We had a huge pumpkin yield, our best, about six years ago from the same kind of deal.  Pumpkin seeds in a compost heap of grass clippings and chicken-house cleanings, the best pumpkin harvest we ever had!

I love this hydrangea.

Someone at work game me a whole sack of surprise lillies, lycoris squamigera, today... but I don't feel up to digging them in.  I am going to keep them in a cool place until Sunday, and then get them planted.  I had them at the first Calamity Acres, but none were planted here, at least, none that survived.

Little Bessie, curled up on the right in this picture, will be moving on Monday to our neighbor's house.  Kathy has loved her since she came here, and Bessie loves Kathy, and slips through the fence every single time we let her outside without accompaniment.  Now Kathy has asked for her, and on Monday, after they have company this weekend, she will be moving close by, where we can see her, but where I think she will be so much happier.

Good night, it's Nyquil time!


  1. Oh I hate colds. Hope you feel great tomorrow so you can enjoy the grands. I love hydrangeas also. We need rain badly too. They say we may have an El Niño this fall and winter which can cause flooding. Just just want rain NOW.

  2. Oh drat!
    So sorry that you are still feeling crummy!!
    I really hope that you are feeling better soon.

    Hope that you get the rain that you need too.
    What a strange weather year it has been.

    Have fun with the grands :)

    Catch ya later..

  3. Hope you feel better today Mary Ann.
    So nice of you to leave your kind comment on my blog.
    I am glad you visited.
    Your home sounds delightful and free.. country life! that is how I live.
    I am not up with the weather in america.. but here its getting very hot and i noticed today too, that my plants were really needing water. Garden day tomorrow.
    Happy sunday val

  4. I'm sure Kathy will give her a great home.


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