Monday, June 18, 2012

Hotter Today

101 when I left work today, but everyone at home was doing well.  The dogs, all four, had been in all day.  Pugs suffer terribly in heat and humidity, so except for a quick step outside to potty, they are in... until allmost dark.  Once it cooled down a bit, they could go out and be farm dogs for a few minutes.

I had lots of help again.

Here's faithful Clarabelle, who was underfoot the entire time I was doing chores.  I was sitting at this point, filling the trough.  When it is this hot, I try to fill it daily, dumping out the dirty water and refilling.  Clara loves to be misted with the hose... she let herself be soaked two or three times tonight, and kept following me for more.

Jackson had an idea for a minute that he was going to get lucky.... but Clara made sure he understood she was TOO HOT!

Blackie actually was grazing UNDER Rosie here.  You can see that Rosie has some roaning on her flanks in this picture. 

The prisoners are trying to figure out how to break out of there!

We are going to build a pen for them next week.

And my ever-faithful blogging companions Gertie and Abby, keeping me company.  How I love these sweet little girls, and so does Keith.  They are the most loyal and protective little dogs we have ever owned. 


  1. Yes, very hot here today and not looking forward to tomorrow!
    Looks like all is well in your neck of the woods.

    Take care.


  2. It's so hot here that I didn't even want to sit outside on the patio like we normally do every evening! Sweet photo of Gertie and Abby!

  3. Every one looks good!

    Think hot, we'll be in our hay field this afternoon picking up our first baling of square bales!

  4. I had to come back to see your cutie pugs, and your chickens!
    I love them!


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