Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Close Call

Not by me... by this little guy!  He didn't know how close he was to sure death!

When I opened the back pophole of the little henhouse tonight, this juvenile black rat snake was laying IN the waterer... his head resting on the side.  Smart snake, it was nearly 100 outside again, though there is a decent breeze.  Stupid me... I did not get a picture of it, but reached out, and instead of pouring the snake onto the ground, I disturbed him so that he skinnied UP the side of the henhouse and into the rafter, whereupon this little mouse looked out to see what was going on. 
Oddly, this is only the second snake in seven years I have found inside the little henhouse, which is up on stilts, so I suspect he came up the ramp. 

I picked the last one up and put him in the pasture, but did not have time to catch this one.
He's still wet, you can see.

I just don't want him to get into the pen of porcelain and mille fleurs, there is a gap in it where a small snake can get through, so I'll go out in a few minutes and jury rig something up to prevent that.  The wind has dried everything out, too, so I need to start the hose.

Here are the sunflowers in the new bed, greeting the sun this morning.

Tomorrow, with Keith's blessing, we are having a crew come to do a lot of major yardwork that got away from us while Keith was out with his shoulder injury, and while I was with my sister during April and May.  We have never done this before, but they have worked for a friend of mine, and will do the major weed-eating around the buildings, and clean up the garden beds, which will be a HUGE blessing.  I am going to take a half day, as my friend Joani will be coming to pick up the mares as well.

Annnndddd  none too soon, either, because here comes Miss Blackie to chase my chickens again.  They have done this Sunday, Monday and tonight... as soon as the chickens begin to gather and eat in the shade of the evening, here come Little Blackie and Rosie to run them off!  I still have not been able to get a picture of her beautiful high front leg action to show you all. 

These are the same sunflowers as above, but now facing west, in the setting sun on Sunday evening.  I love how sunflowers follow the sun.


  1. First of all...EEEEEEKKKKKK! You know me and snakes by now! :)

    Second...I'll bet you'll be thrilled to have the yard crew come. I would be!

    Third...I love your wooden fence behind your sunflowers!

    OK...I'll stop now! :)

  2. It's time for you to get some guinea fowl!
    They will take care of those snakes for you, and maybe even the mice.
    Do a bit of research and see if you think they will work for you.

    It'll be so nice to have some help to catch up on the yard work....yippee!!

    Catch ya later..

  3. I am not very fond of snakes, but I can tolerate the non-venomous varieties! I wish I had gotten some sunflowers planted this year!

  4. Your farm is beautiful. I cannot believe your sunflowers are so big.
    We have not planted any yet- because it seems that nothing is growing - its too cold and wet. Our tomatoe plants are still little.
    Snakes are scary- I am so happy you take such good care of your animals and chickens. You have happy chickens, and I like that.

  5. I know better to be so squeamish about snakes. But I am. I don't like the idea of a mouse so close either. I love sunflowers.

  6. I love your charming fence in the last photo! Sunflowers are such cheery flowers. I have had trouble with bullsnakes raiding my hen's nests, and last night a rattle snake was in the chicken yard. I hate to kill anything, but this kind of snake cant stay. I don't think we have rat snakes in our area. Hope you get all of your yard work done and hopefully your chickens can be more at ease without the horses after them.

  7. Not fond of snakes, he better be glad you found him.


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