Monday, February 29, 2016

More This and That

When we bought this house two years ago, 
we inherited a big refrigerator, that happened to have an icemaker 
and a place in the door to get ice or ice and water. 

I was wiping the refrigerator down on Saturday, and 
decided to take a good look at it. 
You see, the ice tends to clump together, and I have to clean 
out the icemaker regularly.  I turn it off, actually. 

It's a pain because I have to stand on a stool and 
pick at it. 
Keith likes to have cold water at breakfast, though. 

Here is a somewhat blurry photo taken of the icemaker with my phone.  Notice anything? 


I took a Lysol wipe and cleaned as well as I could, but I asked Keith to please 
stop using the ice from the ice maker.  
He has. 
I don't mind getting it out of the basket in the fridge, but UGH. 
Not this. 

And that's clean, compared to what it was. 

Here is something else odd. 

Friday, I was having trouble keeping anything down, in fact, Thursday 
was the same. 

I was going to the Ag Hall to help with some cleaning, and I stopped and 
got a chocolate milkshake from Sonic, so I would have something in me. 

This was taken on Saturday afternoon, about 6 PM, after church. 

It is part of the whipped cream from my milkshake, still sitting in the drain more than 24 hours later. 


Tulips are coming up in the planters!  YAYYY! 

I am missing my big garden at the old place, I know 
the daffodils and narcissus must be up. 

This is a big barrel planter that I had a tomato in last year. 

I believe a hispid cotton rat has taken up residence there! 

I am going to leave it unplanted. 

I have been cleaning up in my garden area, and I am going to 
get the "pond" ready for tadpoles. 

Someone LOVES his daddy! 

Way too much light, and I forgot to check before I shot. 

Same hawk.  I had to manipulate this, it was so light.  If I had checked before shooting, I would have had great shots from this one. 

Tomorrow, I take my first official lesson at Wolfe's Camera, a very-well thought of shop in 
Topeka for photography equipment.  Keith gave me two hours of lessons for Christmas, and 
I am going to buy another, I think, depending on how we go tomorrow.  I am also going to find out 
about getting the camera cleaned. 

I hope that when I have a good chance like this one today.... I'll be able to get a really good shot. 
I'm having fun learning. 


  1. Looking forward to hearing about what you learn at camera lessons. Looks like you had a busy week!

  2. Still pretty good shots. I would like to take classes on photography. Not many around here.

  3. Sonic doesn't use real ice cream OR real whip cream. Don't eat there, MA!!!

  4. Your camera is working its little heart out- taking good photos!

  5. I think we now have an owl that has taken up residence between our house and the neighbors right on our side creek wood line. It's been sitting there hooting the past couple of weeks at night. This morning when my car unlocked and beeped it yowled at me like I woke it up.

  6. I have an ice maker and after this I'll be checking out the dispenser. I don't think I've ever looked down there to see if it's clean or not. But I do love the convenience of it. Even though your pictures may be light they are still fabulous. I've never been able to take anything that compares. There are tops of daffodils and tulips coming up here too, but they are soon to be covered in snow once again.

  7. Might be worth having a repairman look at the ice maker since you're getting mold and ice cubs aren't separating like they should.

    Do you have the manual for the refrigerator? If not, I'd see if I could find one online. It could have some info on these problems.

  8. You reminded mom of a time when she and dad had a drip coffee pot and one day for some reason she decided to open the lid and look deep into where the water was poured and there was a dead fly - YUCK!! Sure wonder about that whip cream still in the drain!

    Keep Calm & Bark On Cuz It's Less Than 100 days until B*A*R*!!

    Murphy & Stanley


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