Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lots of Pictures Today

Well, we went from low forties and hard blowing wind from the north yesterday, 
to low sixties and wind from the south today! 

I froze yesterday with no gloves or scarf, and today, wore a light 

Jester went from the bed to the couch this morning, since it was so chilly. 
Some days, he does not like to run right out and do his business! 

I posted a picture on Facebook this morning of a begonia that I have that is 

This is not it.  
This is the one I should have posted! 

I am still practicing macro shooting... I love the edges of the leaves in this picture. 
If you biggify it (click on it), you can see it in detail. 

Our big girl is going to the vet on Friday for some minor surgery, and some procedures that 
are done best with her sedated.  Her nails are terribly long, and that in itself may be 
causing part of her limping.  She is going to have the tumor you see on her eye... again, biggify to see it clearly... removed... her teeth checked, her anal glands checked and expressed, if need be, and 
possibly another back xray. She is getting Quellin daily (carprofan) and it is helping. 
I usually give it to her just after we come home from walking, and it carries her through to the next day. 

I look for this hawk daily as we go back and forth to the park. 

We had the park to ourselves today.  You see, all winter, we were alone... though we sometimes saw a man who walked alone... and a lady who walked her dogs.  
In the last week, there has been a crowd.  There was a dad and a little child there when we got there, but they left within five minutes.  
Just as we got back into the car, a couple came to walk. 

It is so much easier on me, when I don't have to worry about Lilly getting upset with 
one of the dogs. 

After I brought the dogs home, and despite the wind, I decided to 
drive over to the lake, since I had to go out to get something for dinner anyway. 

I saw a couple of funny things happen. 

There were a few geese laying with some gulls at the water's edge, and I sat on a bench 
about 20 feet away.  Pretty soon, several geese flew in from the shore on the right. 

Can you see his mouth?  I say his, because this was a gander for sure. 

He meant business. 

This was his target, this pair.  
I have NO idea why, but he went at them with a vengeance. 
Most of the gulls took off. 

The target wasn't taking any sass. 

Neither was his mate. 

Here he came. 

A sparring match ensued. 

Until finally, the attacking gander drove everyone else off. 

Meanwhile, behind me... 

Another mated pair barely stirred! 

I have a series of a gull taking a crawdad... but I've overloaded you for the night. 

No sign of the eagle. 

I hope to go out again tomorrow afternoon. 


  1. Wow,,, fantastic bird photos!
    Oh yes,, long nails can definately cause a dog to hurt wheh walking, Good to get all that taken care of. And new xrays too? And eye surgery!
    It will be good when its all taken care of.Glad the dog medicine works!

  2. Oh, wow, fantastic pictures!

    Hope all goes well at the vet.

  3. It is mating season for sure. I love the pictures!

  4. good job on the pics. Macro's are hard for me.

    Good luck at the vet. Am off tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend.


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