Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lots of Pictures and a Wreck!

Valentine's Day was a little chilly and breezy, but nice. 

Anything without six inches of snow is nice, to me. 

This little guy greeted us as we got to the park to walk. 

On the way home, I passed the long driveway where I often saw deer and turkeys during the 
summer and fall.  Every Saturday and Sunday, they have farm fresh eggs for sale here, and 
farm honey.  I only had a little money on me, so I got a dozen eggs. 

The honey looked wonderful, and I hope to get some this week. 

Here are the eggs, in a comparison with eggs I bought at the commissary 
last week. 

The eggs on the right I paid 1.93 at the commissary at Fort Leavenworth, last 

The eggs on the left are the farm fresh eggs at 3.00. 

"Cage free" egg on the left, farm fresh on the right. 

I have not cracked the farm fresh yet to 
check the yolks, and I will take a picture when I do. 

We use a lot of eggs here. 

I left early Monday morning to run out to church for Lenten Adoration (on Mondays during Lent).  
What did I see but a flock of geese by this big pond about two miles from our house, with three different kinds of geese! 

There were snow geese, Canadian geese, and do you see the dark-body/white necks? 
Blue geese, which is a mutation of snow geese! 
(Thank you again, Friend Jill) 

Within an hour, these birds had moved on. 

I am looking every day now for flocks of the smaller ducks. 

I could not get any closer to two turkeys I saw out in a field.  Way out! 

And when we got closer to home, there were only Canadians on the farm pond around the 
corner from our street. 

We did have a bump in our day. 

This is Keith's GMC truck, which we got new in 2006. 

He was not hurt, it was a miracle.  He swerved to avoid an animal in the road, and went down a steep 

The truck, as you see, is totaled.  The window broke and the windshield cracked, but 
oddly enough, the airbags did not deploy.  

We have a loaner, and Keith is looking at used vehicles this afternoon at 
the car dealership we like... we have decided to follow Dave Ramsey's advice and 
not buy new again. 

After I picked him up and took him to get his loaner car, I ran over to the Boling Grange to 
get a dinner at the Soup Social benefiting Little Stranger Church. 

The water tower used to stand in a "v" of land in the middle of an intersection on a winding road. 
It was hit by straight line winds and knocked over a few years ago, and rebuilt in the pasture, off the road. 

This is pronounced "Balling". 

Here's the grange, and I did not stay long enough to take a picture inside: 

Pretty modern looking. 

They had a good turnout, and added to the coffers for the restoration of 
the little old church on the hill. 

They also have received some grants to commence the work. 

Here's Keith enjoying some hot soup when I got home. 
It hit the spot, because I finished it for him.  Homemade bread and 
pie rounded the meal out. 

There will be another Pie Social in June in support of the church. 

Today, I'd also like to mention the change in one of my favorite blogs, 
featured on our sidebar for many months. 

Michaele Oleson of Sprout"N"Wings farm in Nebraska is 
moving from her farm to Topeka, Kansas, and the blog is 
no longer open for readership. 

Michaele was the kind lady who gave us Kody and Kacey, 
our two Nigerian dwarf goats that we sadly lost to botched 
neutering.  Her blog was informative and so interesting, and 
we will miss it, but we wish her best of luck 
in her new endeavors!  


  1. Very beautiful photos!! Love all the geese and ducks, and beautiful blue water.

    It really was a miracle that Keith was not hurt!! A real miracle.
    I see him enjoying the soup!

  2. So glad Keith wasn't hurt. The problems with living near animals. We are getting a couple feet of snow today, we can send you some if you really miss it!

  3. Oh my goodness Mary Ann. Goodness knows that Keith could have been seriously injured in that accident. If I didn't have to drive so far every day I would not have bought a new car a couple of months ago. But, I have to have something reliable because of the miles we pack on to a car.

    The hubbies truck has over 400,000 miles on it.

    Sorry to hear about your blog friend moving. Things change and we have to change too.

  4. EEKKKK....ohmypug that truck looked horrible, again his angels were a watching out for hims...........we did love those geese pictures you took.............oh our heart is still pumping at that picture.
    stella rose and momma

  5. WE are THRILLED to know that Mr. Keith was NOT injured in that Wreck... SORRY about the Beloved old furend.. the Truck though... it must have had a gOOD life...

  6. I am so glad Keith is okay!!!!

  7. I'm glad Keith is okay. I've always said that I'll never wreck to save an animal, but reflexes are hard to master.

  8. hey we forgot to tell you those eggs looked great!

    stellie rose

  9. I am so glad that Keith was not hurt! His "old" truck looks very much like the one Brett has had forever. I will miss Michaele's blog as well -- but understand her move. He pictures of her geese were the best. Farm fresh eggs are the BEST.

  10. So thankful that Keith is okay!!! Those farm eggs must be from last year's chicks, from the size of them.

    1. Oh, and I'm a big fan of Dave Ramsey!

  11. So sorry to see the wreck but very thankful Keith wasn't hurt. Critters can cause a lot of havoc on the road. I have never owned a new vehicle and always have used ones. The price difference is amazing and there are a lot of good ones to be found when you go looking.

  12. That is a scary accident and could have been so much worse so we are glad Keith is okay! Mom used to work insurance claims and knows all about this kind of accident so we are glad it is not worse! Lots of great photos today!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. We are soooooo glad to hear Keith is ok, that must have been scary for him!


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