Sunday, February 7, 2016

From Sunny to Cloudy

Having gone to church last night, the dogs and I walked early this morning, 
and yes, I said dogs.  Lilly stayed home for two days, and I thought 
it was time for some stimulation.  

We walked slowly and only did the path on the old side at Basehor City Park, 
and.... we were alone.  Very alone.  

It was 50 degrees, but the wind was beginning to blow. 

She was still sound when we got back, so that's good. 

We'll probably lay off tomorrow, it is supposed to spit snow in the morning. 

There was still some sun on the little pond when I came home from church last night. 

And four geese, paddling slowly on the far side. 

And look what the setting sun picked up in a field as I got closer to home. 

I counted 15, there are three in the fold of the land in the front. 

Same field, tonight... I decided to mail a card to someone in the hospital for a while... and the dogs and I went out into the wind and darkening skies.  We actually stopped and walked again, but man, it was cold in the wind!  We cut our walk short and we were all three glad to get in the car again. 

It was a great morning for the animals. 

This is the big pond on the farm about a half mile from us. 

Take a good look... those are NOT all Canadians. There are a bunch of Greylag geese with these Canadians, the first I have seen here.  They were all gone by the time we went by there this evening. 

Right now, the wind is howling around the corner of the house. 

Can you see him? 

When there is a good day, all the birds forsake the feeders and take 
off for sunnier climes.  This was the only 
bird we saw when we got home. 

He had the suet all to himself. 

For those of you locally... be careful in the weather in the morning! 


  1. It would be so fun to have a pond so close to your home! It is beautiful.
    Even though the temps were 50,,, that wind really make it cold.. doesnt it?

  2. Wow, lots of great pictures. The hubby saw a lot of deer yesterday, but he could not get a picture of them.

  3. It is so nice to have more daylight in the evenings now. I especially liked that picture of the turkeys in the setting sun. Hope you weather doesn't get too bad. They say we have some snow moving in here today. Take good care!


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