Friday, February 26, 2016

So Wild

The parks where we walk require the dogs to be on leashes.

Today, we drove to Basehor the long way, seeing this on
the way-

When we , there, I noticed two other vehicles.
One belonged to a man I see walking there almost every day. 
While we do not visit, we nod to each other as we pass. 

I parked near him, leashed the dogs, and put on my jacket. 

He was standing by his car, watching someone at the back of the park, where I could 
see several people moving around.

As I started to leave the car with the dogs leashed, he came over and stopped 

He warned me that he had been walking, and one of the dogs that two 
ladies had was not leashed, and it had approached him and scared him.  The leashed dog 
was very aggressive.  He reminded the ladies that the dogs were supposed to be leashed, and they ignored him.  I told him I did not want a dog to approach mine (it is my biggest fear while walking)...and I decided to load the bewildered dogs back into the car and go to Lansing. He had been waiting to see if a policeman drove by the park (as they do regularly) but none had come, so he left, as well. 

We went to Angel Falls, where we walked alone in the beautiful weather.

As soon as I took this picture, the little dingleberry began to run around and jump, he was all wound up when he dipped his foot in the water. 

It was gorgeous down by the creek.

Lilly walked a long way in the water.  There is a lot of moss in it right now.

The falls are still running strong.

We walked a whole mile, slowly.  Lilly is on meds now, and tho we watlked slowly, we made it,

What did we see on the way back back but two black labs loose in the 
corn field alongside the trail.  I saw a man following them, but more importantly, he saw us.

We hustled along to the car.

Look what we saw on the way back!

Breeding season!

This was just around the corner from our house.

He went back the other way.

Day five on the laptop...I can see to crop so much better on the desktop, so I am 
praying I get a call to pick it up tomorrow. 

I can't remember how I selected all the other night, so we are going to have to 
cope with the small type tonight, my apologies! 


  1. Pity that all don't follow the rules of leashing pets. It does take away a lot of enjoyment for other walkers, with dogs or without.

  2. Some people are so irresponsible,, they ruin things for other people who play by the rules.
    Glad you all had a nice walk,,
    A very beautiful creek

  3. I'm glad you and the dogs didn't have any dangerous encounters!

    (Methinks your little dingleberry is getting "bigger." ;-)

  4. It is a worry when there are unleashed dogs around. Glad you got the warning and went elsewhere. But we never know just when that will happen. Many people disregard the rules. Take care .

  5. it was good of that guy to give you a heads up!

  6. That certainly was nice of the man to tell you. Rude of the people to ignore the rules.

    Great pictures.

  7. We always appreciate folks who have their doggies on leash but somehow too many think their dogs deserve a privilege that others do not. But your walkie was beautiful!

    Keep Calm & Bark on!

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. My neighbors has 2 dogs that are not penned. They are on our property all the time. I have them on the cams coming and going up the driveway. They come eat all the cat food. The hubby is going to have to build something to put it up high on the porch.


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