Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Break for Some Sun

We will get back to the Veteran's Home for part two, tomorrow. 

We have had three beautiful, sunny days, when a week ago, 
we were predicted to have a foot of snow. 

On the beautiful days, the birds go elsewhere to eat, pretty much. 

However, we have a nice feeding area now. 
Son Jim, Jax and Jacob came over Sunday to help me. 

Here is the feeding area now... a nyger feeder and a hanging feeder on 
the near pole, and then a suet cake, and a seed/suet feeder on the pole closer to the patio. 
I am going to clean the patio up over the next two weeks, and Jacob will come and help. 

Looking out from the doorway at the garden/pond/feeding area.  

We had a lot of wind last night, and quite a bit of rain (and I forgot to get the bucket out of the picture), and the little pond is "full" again.  It has been frozen for a few weeks. 

The iris I bought from Comanche Acres last fall are looking good. .  I can't wait to see them 

I need to clean this garden area up very well, and I have an edging shovel that Jacob will be using. 

We saw these two big boys at a stable up the street from us as we came home Sunday.  I know everyone is ready for fresh, green grass! 

Tomorrow we will show the rest of our walk through the National Cemetery. 


  1. Wow.. what a nice person you are to feed so many birds.
    We try... but the deer do a nice job of cleaning out the feeder if we forget to put them in the garage overnight.

    Are those iris' already coming up??
    We are deep in snow here.


  2. Your birds are soo beautiful!

  3. It is always good to get projects accomplished.

    M : )

  4. We had to meet the Farrier at the Fairgrounds on Monday for Jolie's 6 week shoeing. February is Dixie National Rodeo and Livestock show month in Mississippi. They were have the goat livestock shows. Goats were hollering all over the place. They had them in cages and crates in the back of pickups.
    Jolie was good, but she concentrated on the goats more than she did the Farrier.

  5. How nice to have some beautiful sunshine to enjoy! It's been dark and cloudy here more than not.

  6. OMD! Mom is so jealous of your springy photos!! She has been kinda hard to live with lately.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I came to see the birds again!


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