Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Leavenworth National Cemetery

They sleep, row by row, by row. 

Civil War

Spanish American War

World War One 

Battles on the Frontier 
(Buffalo Soldier) 

So many from World War II. 

We did not get to the section from Korea, but I know they are there. 

Vietnam, too. 

And the wars since in the Mideast. 

Wives are there too, as I will be, one day. 

There are some large stones scattered throughout. 

There are five Medal of Honor Recipients from the Civil War who are buried here. 

The same plaque tells about the National Home. 
The cemetery is 110 acres. 

From the hill you could look over into Mount Muncie. 

This looks like a mausoleum, but I suspect it is a holding crypt. 

We didn't get very close to it, it was just so cold and windy. 

This beautiful obelisk is on the highest point.  Around it are buried many of the 
governors of the Soldier's Home, also doctors who worked there. 

And a carillon  that rings out all day. 

The graves marched downhill. 

And up and across the hills.  There were huge old trees in the older part of the cemetery. 

In the newer sections, only saplings were growing. 

Keith was very moved, as was I. 

It is pretty breathtaking. 


  1. That is breath taking. So sad so many wars and so many lost lives. I've not been to a National Cemetery here but know we have at least one in Ohio.

  2. Wow, a huge place. Filled with brave men who defended this country.

  3. JR, there are women in there too.

  4. You cannot go into one of the national cemeteries and not be touched. Our pawrents went to one in Hawaii. It was a beautiful place.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. This was a beautiful post Mary Ann, just looking at your pictures brought our mom to tears, what a beautiful beautiful place. stella rose and momma

  6. Wow,, total amazing.
    Have you ever been to the Arizona Memorial in Hawaii? Its amazing just like this.
    This is a very solitude and peaceful place with so much history and memories.

  7. For some reason, I always think of the old quote, "The old men start the wars, but it's the young men who do the dying."


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