Monday, February 8, 2016

Mount Calvary

Yep, I was back at the cemetery. 

A different one, Mount Calvary, in Leavenworth. 

I'm going back when it's warmer, because it had some mysteries I'm 
very interested in knowing more about.  

One thing in which I'm very interested is knowing what monuments of this kind 
cost the people in the 1890's and early decades of the last century. 

The images of the grieving woman and the cross were repeated several times. 

"To thy cross I cling".  

I thought this woman was pretty remarkable, and I'll try to get a 
better picture of the beautiful wreath she is carrying. 

While this person was Italian... 
There were many, many Irish buried here. 

Many of the stones read from what county in Ireland the person had come. 

Notice what this one says? 

"Pray for their souls". 

They both died on the same date, it appears.  I wonder what the story was. 

I did not see an entreaty such as this on any other stone I saw yesterday. 

Love this sad little girl. 

I promise I won't bore you with a lot of graveyards, really. 

I am going back to this one when the office is open, because I have a lot of questions about 
some of the graves there. 

I have been under the weather all weekend, and we are having some very 
cold days, so I'm afraid the dogs are going crazy with boredom today, 
and we won't be walking for the next two days, at least. 

I need to get over this bug, whatever it is! 


  1. I have always loved walking through the older cemeteries. I feel such peace there, does that sound weird?

    I hope you get well soon, Mary Ann!

  2. I am confused with the Kelly marker...they died in 1807 but were born in 1826 and 1828?

  3. I find graveyards interesting. My wife thinks I'm crazy.

  4. Hope you feel better soon.
    I have read about volunteers that go to old forgotten abandoned cemeteries and clean the head stones that are quite burried in the dirt. And then they transcribe the information into a database.

  5. Sorry you are still sick. I know when I had the crud earlier this year, it took me at least 4 weeks to stop coughing and hacking. I hope you get well soon!

    The graveyards are interesting. There is an old one in the woods not too far from our house. Another one at Terry, on the son-in-laws family property.

  6. Get your rest and drink plenty of liquids. I had some kind of bug that started before Christmas and is just now fading. I probably should have gone to the doctor. I know several that had something similar and seems antibiotics were needed to kick it. I suffered through it and am getting better. If you aren't better soon, see the doctor. The old stones there are fascinating. I imagine for the times they were costly but nothing like we'd pay today. A simple headstone costs a fortune.

  7. There must be a story to elicit such a statement. And that must have been expensive to purchase too! Get feeling better soon!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Hope you start feeling better soon--please take care of you! The cemetery shots are really interesting--makes you really wonder about their stories--especially the couple who seem to have died before they were born!!

  9. I hope you're feeling better soon. And I enjoy your graveyard pics, would not mind seeing more :) And always the birds! I like to see the different species that live & travel across our country. This past Sunday I saw my first Tufted Titmouse at our feeder.


  10. Here's hoping you are on your way to feeling better.
    Someone was kind enough to share with me their respiratory
    infection--getting over that right now.

    M : )

  11. Hope you are feeling better! I find old cemeteries really interesting, especially your little girl.


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