Saturday, February 20, 2016

A New Bird

On Valentine's Day, I took the dogs for a walk... 

As we came along the field where I saw the coyote this week, I saw a bird in a 
wild area where the roads come to a "T".  I could not get a good 
picture of it, but here it was that day from a distance: 

There he is, he was looking down on a very wild woody area. 

See those distinctive stripes? 

I saw him again today, on a tree branch over the small pond in the middle of a big cultivated field, a quarter mile from the first place.  I have been looking for him daily. 

This is what he is: 

(from the web).  

Oh, someday I am going to take pictures like this!!!

A red-shouldered hawk, not a red tailed hawk.  

It was a juvenile red shoulder that attacked two of our roosters about five years ago, 
and the two roos fought him so hard, he lost some flight feathers.  Keith was 
able to throw a blanket over him and we caught him and took him to 
Operation Wildlife, who rehabilitated him. 

This is not a small hawk, though this picture makes it look like it. 

I'll be looking out for him now. 

This girl had a hard, hard day.  We walked about a half mile at noon, and I could tell she was limping a little, but she seemed eager. 

When these two got here: 

We decided to go back to the park for a while, to walk a little more, and 
so the kids could play at the playground. 

Lilly was worn out, I didn't realize it.  She was unable to jump into the car and I helped her scrabble up into the back seat.  The kids had to sit there, so I had to help her out again... and she could not get back in.  I finally lifted her and she went for me, the pain seems to be in her rear right hind leg and hip.   She made it home, but she is pumped full of rimadyl now, and won't be walking again. 

At least, until we go to the vet this week. 

I think she was pretty pooped out, and I didn't realize it.  This was right before we went back to the car. 

I have been trying different settings on the camera.  I have GOT to learn to shoot manually. 

Some pictures come out better than others. 



I had to run by the grocery before the kids came, so I ducked into the cemetery to practice 
for a few minutes. 

Keith got a new vehicle today, a Dodge Grand Caravan.  I'm glad he didn't go for another truck. 

I'll get a picture of it in the morning. 

Right now, we're watching "Goosebumps" on tv before the 
kids' parents come back. 

I hope I can sleep tonight! 


And moonrise. 


  1. I never did any good with manual settings. My forte is splitting firewood. lol

  2. The hawk was beautiful. I am so sorry Lilly over did it and I hope the vet can help her. I use to be able to shoot manually, but admit now I am lazy:) I really should give myself a refresher.

  3. Feeling sad for Lilly. She is hurting.
    I hope she gets better

  4. Hopefully a little rest will do Lily lots of good and she is soon better. She's a big dog to be getting in and out of the car. You really do have a good eye spotting the new bird. All hawks seem to look alike to me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

  5. I'm sorry Lilly is hurting. It makes us hurt when they do.
    I don't do horror. Otherwise I'd never be able to go out in the pitch black country and take care of critters.


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