Saturday, February 13, 2016

All About the Bird Seed

I have shown you before, but this is the bird seed we swear by. 

Valley Feeds, in Bonner Springs, Kansas, mixes all their 
own feed, whether for livestock or for wild birds.  I used their 
chicken feeds, solely. 

This was the barrel in the garage as it stood on Thursday. 

I ran to Valley with the dogs after we walked. 

"Running" is ten miles going, and ten coming, (laugh). 

There are many places much closer where I could go. 


This is the economy bird seed, at 11.99 per 40 pounds. 

I used to use only Backyard Blend, out at the farm. 

My goodness... the birds did not care, and I did not realize it! 

I mix 25 pounds of black oil sunflower...

And then...

Backyard Blend, which has peanut halves, striped sunflower, some safflower, and 
little seeds. 

They have an additional mix "Gourmet Mix" which I will feed
after winter, as crazy as that sounds. 

I mixed 20 pounds of Backyard, 40 lbs of wild bird seed, and 
25 pounds of black oil. 

I still needed to stir some more here, but I filled the can right up. 

Someone was observing all this; he does not like to go in the garage. 

The birds are not the only ones to appreciate the bounty. 

(hispid cotton rat) 

After seeing this little guy struggling to drink, I put a clay plant 
saucer out there for them to get their water.  

I have had to refill with warm water four times today, it's so cold out. 

Crazily... it's going to be in the 50's to 70's this week! 

My gaze was just distracted, and two crows just flew off 
the patio.  

Two days ago, I opened the patio door and the Coopers Hawk flew 
from the retaining wall.  No camera in my hand, sadly. 

So many beautiful birds: 

and one disgruntled girl because we are NOT walking in the cold today: 

One more day til the warmth and sun come back! 

Almost Valentines! 


  1. Around here, most of the bird feed contains a lot of millet, or something that the birds won't eat.

  2. The little white round seeds are the last to be eaten in my mix. I'm not sure what they are but they're not a favorite around here.

  3. Today's weather has been very hard to tolerate since we have had such a "warm" winter so far.
    Stay warm.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    M : )

  4. We used to mix bird seed too,,,
    Happy Valentines

  5. The critters there are very lucky to have you feeding them. Glad to hear it's going to be so warm there. Not so here but at least they do say we'll get above freezing later on next week. Happy Valentines Day!

  6. Hello! So nice to meet you all! Very happy to see the information on the bird feeding! It is something that we want to do! Happy Valentine's Day!!

    The Painter Pack

  7. We saw 8 Northern Flickers in our backyard yesterday. We have a steady stream to the suet on the deck too. Hope you are having a LOVEly Valentine's Day!

    Keep Calm & Valentine On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. You have very lucky birds Mary Ann. Looks like a great mix there.
    We had a very warm day on Sunday, then it flooded yesterday. Tornado's and storms all over the State.


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