Friday, February 19, 2016

Mish Mash

Catching up on this week's pictures. 

I did walk every day, except Wednesday, when I just felt too badly. 

I saw my primary care today, and she gave me some medicine to 
help me get over the hump. 

On Tuesday, I walked at Basehor with the dogs, and we ran into an older man who was walking for exercise.  He stopped to ask me something, and before I knew it, the dogs had laid down on the path, and we had a good visit.  He lived about 3/4 of a mile from the park, and has four cows and a bull, and just had two little tiny calves!  I have always admired how he cares for his cattle, he moves them from his home pasture (about six acres) to a place about a half mile way to a pasture with 11 acres during the summer.  He makes sure they have plenty of groceries, and has an automatic waterer. 

The little black baldy calf is a week old. 

There is also a tiny little black calf, born Monday. 

The man was surprised that I watched his cattle so closely. 

The calve's daddy.  

There are two ladies waiting for calves to be born. 

I asked him if he was not scared going in amongst the cattle with the bull loose, 
and he told me he has had to hit him twice with the feed bucket. 
That would make me mighty nervous. 

On Tuesday, three horses broke out of their pasture and came east on Leavenworth Road, and the 
sheriff's deputies herded them into this gentleman's pasture. As of today, they are still there! 
Who would not be looking for three horses????

I noticed he had closed the lot in front of the barn off from the horses... and they are eating only the grass in the pasture. 

I hope their owners come forward soon. 

The dogs and I were on the way home today, and I saw a huge white bird 
in the same pasture where I had seen the coyote the other day.... I stopped and got the camera, but a 
car came roaring down the gravel road behind me, and the bird flew. 

I would have said snow goose, but it was alone, and REALLY big. 

I think pelican, truly. 
They are here in the midwest. 

Here is another picture, like a UFO picture 

I still say pelican.  It flew over the hill, and that was that. 

And that's that for tonight, too... I need to let the medicine 


  1. Nice cattle pictures! Looks like a pelican to me!

  2. I'd carry something more substantial than a feed bucket. Angus can be pretty temperamental.

  3. Its good to take some time to visit,,, isnt't it?
    that big white bird , does look like a ufo !

  4. How nice to meet the man with the cattle. Seeing those calves reminds me spring is not far away. New birth is so amazing. Hope the meds work and you are soon better.

  5. yes, you would think somebody would be looking for 3 horses.
    hope you can see the bird again so we will know what it is.


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