Sunday, June 1, 2014

Catching Up

Grandson Chris and girlfriend Haleigh, who have worked like dogs 
for three days for us.  We moved the last of the big things 
from the storage buildings at the old place... they straightened the garage up so I can 
start sorting things... they moved, moved moved heavy things over and over.  I don't know 
how they did it, honestly. 

I took them home to Garnett today... yes, folks, we pay them for helping us... 
but we are also so very grateful to them. 

A good look at the bird's nest at the old house, on the porch.  It's funny... it doesn't LOOK like a swallow's nest, but swallows are dive bombing me constantly. 

The June display is starting at the old house.  I started those echinaceas from seed last year, and I'm proud of them. 

I see TWO big trees in this picture! 

Looking up the north bed. 

Yes, another tree in the foreground! 

I have promised myself I am NOT going out there tomorrow.  I filled the bird feeders, and put water on the deck.  I have got to break off feeding out there, so that the birds have plenty of time to train their babies where to find natural water. 

Speaking of water.... I thought this was a pasta pot filler (faucet) and I pulled at it a few weeks ago. 


I started smelling dampness... and Thursday afternoon... surprise! 

We had a plumber here on Friday, and took about 20 minutes to close off the 
"reverse osmosis system". 

Thank heavens. 

However, this has been the scene in the kitchen all weekend... and still tonight. 
It is slowly drying out under the sink. 

These six little bantam eggs are the last of the Calamity Acres eggs, from Fluffernut and April. 

I used them in a casserole last night that I put in the fridge... and baked this morning. 

Can you tell which are the homegrown eggs and which two are the store-bought? 

I can.  

I'll miss those eggs, and I miss their "moms", too. 

That's it for a balmy Sunday from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Progress is great.

    I like eggs that stand up and talk to you. Maybe there will be some fresh eggs available locally.

  2. I'm with you if somebody helps me, I pay them or compensate them in some way. The hubby also trades his work with the neighbors for dozer or tractor services.

    Yes, I can tell. I miss my hens too.

  3. You decided to not keep any of your chickens? I thought you'd originally planned to keep a few. I love the orange yolk of fresh eggs--that's a sure sign :-)

  4. Yep we can sure tell wif those eggs!
    stella rose


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