Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The New Garden.... Bwahahahahahaha

This is the view on the east side of the house... two days ago after it rained. 

Yep.  This is going to be a garden area someday. 

You can see where I had the kids dump a cartload of grass, and where they rolled the 
whiskey barrels from the old house. 

There is a place out there to hook up an RV, as you can see... and the ground is all rutted. 

We will be filling this in, little by little.  It takes time, I am finding out. 

This is the scene today, with the grass spread where the compost will be... and the four barrels 
spread out along the fence line, as further protection to keep Secret our of the yard... my cousin's wandering lab. 

This will be the sitting area... the bench will be turned around... and the barbecue moved over. 
The kids set the bench down there just temporarily on Saturday... but I can't lift the top to move it!  It will stay right there until they come back. 

And... if you squint... you can see my ONE tomato plant... a Park's Whopper... in it's big green planter by the door.  

I am planting flowers tomorrow in the containers that you see, and more on the left that are out of the picture. 

This pile of weeds... was intermingled with the weigela behind them, and all along the back of the house. 
Where I didn't get the whole plant out, I confess I ROUND UP'D them! 

It does not appear that the previous owners did anything in the back yard at all... there was no evidence of their having a barbecue or ever using the yard for anything except letting their dogs dig. 

The weigela and the barberry on the west side of the house are badly overgrown, so I am going to have a hand at trimming them here in a day or two. 

Day Six.  Still drying out.  Whew. 

I saw one little bit of mold in the back, as far as you could go... it's getting hit with bleach tomorrow. 

Here's six year old Jax calmly putting on his batting gloves last night.  It amazes me that these 
little kids go so calmly about their games... until the ball is in the air and everyone runs at once! 
Some of them forget to run when they have hit the ball off the tee... some of them stack up on the bases.  The rules at this age mean that score is not kept, and the Ump is there to keep control and to 
keep track of the batting lineup so that they play only 3 innings.  

Jax got a home run and two other hits! 

Sportsmanship is being drummed into their heads... and we are so glad!  

Go, Pirates!


  1. It'll come. In a few years you'll have that place looking like Eden!

  2. It seems to take a lot of time to get a new place to your liking but it will come...

  3. Good luck with all of your projects :)

  4. You have been busy!!!...

  5. My favorite time to pull weeds is after a rain. A lot of them just slide right out :-)

    The little ones can be as intense as the big boys when playing sports!

  6. you have your work cut out for you but that is the fun part! i can't wait to see your progress! i hope you don't get hit with these nasty storms!

  7. A few years down the road you will look back at how your yard looks now and be amazed at the progress you will have made. Just take your time and enjoy it. That Jax is sure a cutie.
    stella rose

  8. You've got your work cut out there for sure, but it'll be so nice when it's done. Getting it just the way you want it does take time. It's lots of fun seeing the little ones and their sports at this age. Good sportsmanship is hard to learn sometimes and best taught at an early age. It looks like your summer is going to be a busy one, but not all work. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. It does take time. Too bad you are not closer, I could load you up with horse stall cleanings :)

    I have to use Round Up, Killzall and other products. Otherwise on 27 1/2 acres, it would be a jungle. And impossible to have a hay field without using products to kill the bad grass and weeds. I told the Redneck yesterday, I need to do one more huge spraying on all the fence rows and edges that I try to keep clean. Otherwise, we'd have to wear Tarzan gear and start swinging thru the trees.....ahahahhaaaaaa!!!!

  10. My goodness.. you've got a good plan in place, and knowing how hard you work, it will be no time at all and it will be organized and done up the way that you want it to be.
    You'll have a buy summer, but it'll be fun :)
    Glad things are drying out too.

    Smiles :)


  11. Looks like you have your hands full with yard work.
    It amazes me when people don't use their decks,
    porches, patios or backyards. We use ours all
    the time!

    Go slow, it will be there when you come back to it

    M : )

  12. Once all those things are figured out, you will be having a beautiful place again
    Lily & Edward


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