Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The New Garden

Okay, don't laugh... it's not very big, but we have plans. 

Here is one of the two laundry tubs that have been planted with pink petunias the last two years on the deck. 
The outer ring are impatiens, and the inner ring, just coming up... are caldiums I bought on sale 
at WalMart, two weeks ago!  I did not even think they would germinate!  (They are reds and whites, I mixed the packages). 

They are coming up a little slower in the other tub, but they ARE coming up! 

I'm going to have to thin the zinnias... 

and the marigolds!

The smaller planters (not pictured) are also full of portulaca and looking good, but 
above is the piece de resistance!  

The Burpee Better Boy tomato!  

We're going to get a few tomatoes this summer, off this plant, and hopefully, the 
plant growing in the flower garden at the old place!  

Yee ha! 

I got a great idea from a blog today, and I'll run it by Keith in a few days... we finally have a 
long, flat surface where we can grow nice pumpkins.... Hmmmm..... 

Tomorrow I'm going to start working on the vegetable beds at the old place... 
pulling the weeds and replacing the soil in them, and then covering them with 
straw.  I don't think I can finish all of them in one day, but I can get a start!

I'll take pictures! 


  1. I'm impressed ! I have never been able to get Caladiums and Impatiens to sprout from seed. Your tubs of flowers are going to be beautiful .

  2. I've never even tried Caladium from seed...they are sooo pretty! Container gardens are laughing here!

  3. That tomato plant is looking very nice. You should get a lot from that one ! I love watching things grow. Hope you have some shade there where you'll be doing the weeding. That is work for sure. Take care in the heat.

  4. I can see how beautiful it will become. The plants are very healthy looking and soon they will fill the tub.

    I thought the purpose of this move was to slow down a little. Now you two gardens??

  5. that tomato is big already! my garden is slow this year. we have had so much rain and humidity. that might be the problem.

  6. Last year I had several tomatoes in buckets on the porch. As much as it's raining and the garden is too soggy to walk in, I might have to start more in buckets.

    Yours looks very happy!!!

  7. Would you look at that tomato! It's absolutely thriving!
    No laughter here, over your container gardening. It's how we are doing things this year also, and it certainly is an easy way to grow a few plants :)

    Looking forward to seeing what idea you have for pumpkins.


  8. Hey our mom plants in pots also, don't overdo it out at the farm today.
    stella rose

  9. Any garden is a good garden. Ours is smaller, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  10. I like container gardens, these are really nice!

  11. No laughing here, either. I have a friend in Kentucky who lives in a condo and grows an AMAZING amount of food in containers. You go, girl!

  12. Mary Ann,

    I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves on planting pumpkins. I'm not laughing, I think it's great you're still gardening and it's in pots. This way you can move those pots any where you want and not have to worry about the extreme weather.

  13. Our tomatoe plant is so little!! Yours is huge!

  14. Whatever works! I just have a few pots for my vegetable garden this year.


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