Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Lotta Rain!

Friends, we have been having lots of rain around here, and hopefully, we're getting
caught up with that 4 inch underage. 

It's putting a crimp in haying plans! 

The flower beds at the old house are going CRAZY.  I was able to stand there for a while and just pull weeds up with almost no effort. 

That's monarda in the upper picture, but you can see here that mint is running rampant. 
The funny thing is, I want some mint over here, and  I know where I'm getting it! 

(and it's going into a planter!) 

Lest you are saying to yourself... Oh, the south bed looks great...

Here's the north end! 

 I planned all week to work in it... but we are so busy here 
unpacking before the Yoders come to visit, that I have not been able. 

I actually did not go out there for five days! 

This weekend, the big grandboys come, and we are going 
to haul the rest of the large things... saws, cement mixer, etc., down to the 
fairgrounds on Monday to check them in for the consignment auction on the 21st. 

We will be taking as much as we can down there, and then 
what is left, will be going in the dumpster. 

We are getting closer and closer to being able to do the inside work 
on the house, and get the rental on the market. 

My beautiful henspa yard... as you see, the covering has taken a beating this spring. 
And yes, plants are invading and beginning to cover it.  How I miss the flock that was here, they were truly beautiful birds! 

We have been unpacking boxes, as you see.  I broke all these down, and my HHR is full and ready for the recycle center tomorrow morning.  Little by little, the packed garage is yielding up it's secrets. 

Same scene, a little while later.  The bins on the left are on their way to the recycle center.  I'm being ruthless! 

After an inch of rain this morning, you can see that the ground is completely sodden. 
I am NOT cutting grass for a while... we have a chance of rain again on Father's Day, and I am 
not tearing the John Deere up.  People all around us have been cutting the wet grass. 
I was using the cart to bring things down from the garage to the basement, but I finally got so worried about the grass being packed down. 

And this, finally... is a gift from my friends Georgie and Tweedles.... seeds to bring flowers to our 
patio for the summer, and the rain really helped them to germinate! 

I'm going to have beautiful  marigolds and zinnias.. there is another planter to the left. 

Thanks, Georgie and Twee! 


  1. You continue to be very busy there. It's hard to be taking care of two places like that. Hope you have some sunny days coming your way.

  2. You'll love those flowers from your friends.

    Takes time.....It will get done when it's done is what the Redneck says.

    Happy, happy weekend.

  3. Rain makes weeding so much easier. I have some grass growing in crevices in the front of my garage that I need to get after.

    The only thing about mowing when it's wet is one won't have a "hay crop" later. I know you are so glad the end is in sight :-)

  4. My momma wants to come down and dig up some of your plants at your old house, dad just told hers it would be cheaper to buy them at the store........
    angus mac

  5. Sure could use some of your rain here!
    It's been hot and dry. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite a bit cooler. We are hoping to attack our packed stuff, still sitting in our garage too. How long have you been there now?

    Best of luck with your continued preparations getting the old place ready to rent.

    Happy weekend.


  6. Looky all you have been doing! And all the rain!!!
    We have rain too, but not as much as you. We see how busy you have been, The little seeds coming up- look so happy!!
    It makes us happy to see them, and all your other plants too!
    Your all such hard workers!

  7. I'm glad for the rain, but the mosquitoes are having a fiesta and not too happy about them.

  8. Progress, progress. All looking good.

    We could have a few days without rain
    for a bit.

    M : )

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  10. Mary Ann,

    Oh boy the rain is right!!! We've had so much of it.
    And more is coming.

    I was able to cut the grass on Friday, there were a few real wet spots I just totally avoided.

    Emptying boxes and removing them from your garage is great progress. I know you're probably tired of looking at boxes and having to unload them.

    I can't wait to see your pictures of the flowers when they grow from the seeds you received from Tweedles :-)


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